Monday, January 20, 2014

make:Tulsa Cabin Retreat

Prepare to be jealous.  I'm about to tell you about the perfect weekend I just had through photos!
As you probably know by now, I'm a member of make:Tulsa which is a group of crafty business owners.  We've been talking about doing some sort of retreat type weekend for over a year and this past weekend, we finally made it happen thanks to my parents' generosity for opening up their cabin to us.  We were missing a few of our members but the bulk of us were able to escape the city for a bit to commune together in the woods!

It was first planned that Brent and Rio would also be there for the weekend but as time drew closer, my desire to have a kid-less weekend won and Brent played super dad (who am I kidding, he's always super dad!) and had a father/daughter weekend in Tulsa so I could have a weekend on my own - my FIRST weekend on my own since she's been born!

Everything was blissfully perfect, with one tiny, and scary, exception.  On my way out there on Friday afternoon, right as I entered the beautiful part of the drive, I came around a curve and found myself the first on the scene of a rollover accident.  I was dumbfounded.  I immediately pulled over, fumbled with my phone to try and call 911 while watching smoke flood the air.  There was movement inside the vehicle but I was most concerned with the stuffed animal I saw in the back window; I was overwhelmed with the thought that a small child was in the car.  Luckily, there were no kids but three guys in their late teens/early twenties who were all able to climb out of the driver's side window.  One asked me for a ride which I firmly replied with, 'man, you can't leave your car upside down in the middle of the road!!'  He was obviously in shock and was covered in blood with a broken nose, at the very least.  After it was confirmed that highway patrol was on their way and that everyone in the car was ok, I was on my way.  A mile down the road I lost it.  It was so very overwhelming and scary.  I wonder if those guys realize how lucky they were.  Fifteen minutes later, I was at the cabin, ready to RELAX.

I brought the beast along with me and I'm so glad I did.  The cabin is his heaven.  Friday night, it was just us two.  We did a bit of walking, saw a family of deer, he did a bit of swimming and I took in the sunset and moon view.  That night at the cabin, I set up shop and starting sorting through my scrap bag to make some crazy pillow covers (I packed in my serger!) which I am totally loving!  I brought a month's worth of projects because, uninterrupted crafting!  We watched some random movies my folks had tucked away and Mondo made a bed in the middle of my fabric pile.  We stayed up entirely too late, snacked way past my eating cut off time and shared the bed which was a treat in itself.  Sleeping in was attempted but apparently my body has decided I'm too old for that. 
By mid-morning on Saturday, people started showing up!  We had THE most spectacular weather for January.  It was a hair too windy for a fire which was a bummer but it was beautiful, nonetheless.  Once a handful of folks had arrived, we chowed down for a bit and then took a tour around the property.  We ended up at the swimming hole and playground where I laughed until I cried.  These people are the best.
After some time frolicking outside, we retreated back to the cabin for an informal meeting to discuss the future of make:Tulsa.  Good things are in store for our group internally and for what we plan to give to our community.  It was rejuvenating.
Most folks headed back to the city lights that night but Jane and Amby crashed over night with Mondo and me which was perfect.  We chatted for hours, I sewed like a madwoman and we munched on and off until the beds were loudly calling our names.  Sunday morning was full of perfect tea, a hearty breakfast and more beautiful weather. 

I'm beyond grateful to have shared this weekend with so many wonderful people but more so, I'm grateful to have the opportunity to know such souls.  They are each such fantastically wonderful people that I am honored to have them as friends.  So thanks to each and every one of them as well as my folks for letting us invade their retreat and to my mister for giving me the weekend off from parenthood.  Perfection.


  1. Sounds lovely! And the green sewing kit-I have one JUST like it! It belonged to my great grandmother & when I inherited it in high school, I found a piece of paper inside with my great grandfather's name & address from who knows when. Such a treasure, that little green box. I'm guessing yours has a story too!

  2. This is a brilliant, first-class gallery you have here and these shots are almost magical, thank you so much for sharing. I can only hope to be able to take pictures this good! Thanks for the inspiration!


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