Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Great Fabric Haul

I realize I can be quite the chatterbox on here (and in real life!) so I'm going to attempt something.  The short story and the long story.

The Short Story:  Took a quick road trip to Oklahoma City on Saturday to dig through a warehouse FULL of amazing fabric.  Came home with the car loaded down, without paying a penny for the fabric...and you can too!  More on how at the end of the long story :)
The Long Story:  A few months ago, a friend of mine in OKC started texting me about this warehouse full of fabric that she became involved with through her dad.  This was right around Alliday, Indie Emporium AND the holidays so I was just never able to get away to hunt!  She kept sending photos and I kept getting more and more intrigued.  It was just a matter of finding time to go! 

Fast forward to last week.  She informed me that they were going to start opening up the warehouse to the public but wanted me to come out there first.  I'm still humbled that I got such preferential treatment out there! Saturday looked like it may be the day.  I convinced my dear Dawn to adventure with me and I'm so glad she came!  We had an absolute blast.  Brent jumped on a day with the kid (they went to the aquarium!), gave me his car, told us to take our time and have fun!  The weather looked like it was going to beautiful and that it was.  

We hit the road bright and early and after a night with spotty sleep thanks to the kid, I was struggling a bit.  Thanks to lots of caffeine and great conversation, we made it and found ourselves in Spencer, OK, which is right outside of OKC, behind a random church in a metal warehouse.  It was overwhelming at first, to be honest.  My friend had already started a pile of things that she thought that I would like and it was HUGE!  It took me a bit of walking around and taking everything in before I could even think about digging in. 
The story goes that my friend's dad had a friend with a fabric shop that had to close in the eighties.  When the shop shut its doors, they moved all of the fabrics and everything else within its walls into this metal building, covered everything up and shut the doors for almost thirty years.  For whatever reason, they've now decided that everything in the building needs to go and even talked about just trashing everything!  This is where my friend came in to save the day.  She wasn't going to let this fabric go to waste so now she's working on getting folks in to take what they want...for free!  Seriously, for free! 
I found some absolute GEMS.  Like I would gasp every ten minutes or so when I would come across fabric that seemed like it was made for me.  It was like American Pickers for fabric hoarders!  Such a rush.  We literally filled up the back of my car and you can't even tell that we took anything from the warehouse!  Truth be told, I'm toying with going back.  Things were a bit musty but so far, everything I've washed has come out perfectly fine.  I've done about 15 loads of laundry so far and still have a good number left!  
We spent about two hours going through fabric and I don't even feel like we scratched the surface.  After we finally got back in the car (it was impossible to stop grabbing pieces!), we journeyed back into OKC for lunch at S&B's Burger Joint, did some shopping in the Plaza District and stopped by The Spice Shop so I could use a gift card.  We decided to not jump on the turnpike quite yet and took a detour to Arcadia to visit Pops!  I'd never been before and was quite impressed!  If you're not familiar, it's a hip gas station on Route 66 that also houses a diner and over 100 different kinds of soda pop.  That place was hoppin'!  It was a fun little stop.  :)  We got back into town right as the sun was starting to say goodbye.  It took a bit to get all of the fabric unloaded but it was SO much fun to go back through it all again!  It was the epitome of a perfect day.  I slept HARD that night.  
So now I'm assessing what to do with everything that I hauled home!  I'm dying to start cutting into things and am toying with opening up a supply section to my shop for some of the fabrics and trim that I have excess of.  Things feel good.  :)  I'm thinking of trying to go back within the next month and encourage you to do the same!  My friend has given me the green light to share her number with the world and to let everyone know that 'If you have a smile, you get fabric for free, as long as a mile!'  Her number is 405.816.5660.  Let me know if you go and maybe we can caravan!   

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. This is amazing! Seriously thinking of a trip in a couple weeks...


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