Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Tulsa Loves Tex Quilt

Before I share this quilt's story, let me begin by saying that this quilt does not yet have a home but it does have a purpose.  This is the Tulsa Loves Tex Quilt.
Let me go back a bit to the first Alliday.  While I was hunting down artists that caught my eye, I knew I wanted to grab the artist responsible for explodingmary.  It didn't take much for me to discover this was our own Tex Montana, a legend in many rights.  I got her.  And I was thrilled.  Tex's work is unbelievably perfect and complex while being simple at the same time.  It's modern quilting at its finest.  I've been a fan since the first time I saw her work.
Yeah, it's amazing.

Fast forward to the days when I was pregnant with the kid.  I asked Tex if she would make some custom bedding for Rio's room and she quickly agreed, making us the most perfect nursery bedding I could ever imagine!  Not only did she make art with fabric but she gave it to us as a gift.  I had budgeted for this bedding and was ready to pay what it was worth but Tex wouldn't have it.  I'm still floored by that generous gesture.  This is why all of my quilts have been gifts; I've been passing on the gift that Tex gave to us.

I am proud to consider Tex a friend, an inspiration, an amazingly kick ass woman and gift to to have the opportunity to know.  Over the Christmas holidays, Tex learned she has an inoperable cancer that she must attack through treatments and her own admirable tenacity.  She's totally got this.  I've no doubt.  But she does need our support to pay for the medical expenses she first encountered while without medical insurance.  On February 13th at Dwelling Spaces, a silent auction and concert will be held full of highly-coveted art that can be yours which will 100% go to Tex.  This quilt is just for that.
This quilt's journey began a few months ago, actually.  I picked up this Tulsa-themed fabric by Tulsa Gal Designs from Made and gathered potential fabrics to accompany it but set it all aside because, at this point in time, I have a hard time quilting without a person in mind for the finished product!  The moment I heard about Tex and her battle, I knew why this quilt needed to be made.

I'm honestly in love with the way it turned out.  I *may* go back in and do a bit more quilting on the bottom half but I haven't decided yet.  Maybe I should consult the mighty Tex :)  
I made my own bias tape again with the backing fabric.  It's amazing how much I simultaneously hate and love making my own bias tape!  It's always worth it in the end but, man, is it a bit of work!  Speaking of the backing fabric, it's SO soft.  Luckily I have tons of it (estate sale, for the win!) so I can use it in the future as well.  It's the perfect backing for a little quilt.  I threw in a couple of bright white pops on the back, just to give it a little something extra.
If you're interested in this quilt, helping out Tex or seeing the other goods people will be donating for the auction, you can find out more information here!  I hope it's able to help out m'lady at least just a bit and is able to live long in someone's home.  :)

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