Friday, January 3, 2014

We Made It Another Year!

Yeah, I know, 2013 is a thing of the past but there's no reason why I can't go back a few days and relive yesteryear.  Doing these comprehensive round-up posts reminds me of one of the many reasons why I like to blog - I'm able to look back at a small chunk of time in our lives in a way that I wouldn't be able to do otherwise.  For example, we spent lots of 2011 in the woods and 2012 was dubbed the Year of the Baby.  So what about 2013? 

Here we go.  It's a long one.
Rio started last year as a 3 month old who was all about nursing, sleeping and watching the world pass by.  She ended last year as a 15 month old with twelve teeth and dancing nonstop.  Naturally, one of my biggest highlights of the year was watching this kid grow and become an amazing little toddler.  I did my best to document her changes every couple of months and busted out some posts at 4 months, 7 months, 9 months and 11 months.  I also wrote a bit about babies and animals (which was my most spammed post of the year.  Ha!) and shared how we documented her in polarioids.  At one point, I pulled back the curtain and talked about how things aren't always as perfect as they may seem, and that's ok.  And then there was the momentous occasion of turning one!
I officially became obsessed with sewing in 2013.  The only jewelry that I made was per request and for a few weddings.  I have many thoughts about my shift in creative mediums that I'll share one day :)  I made tons of tiny clothes for a certain Miss Someone (1, 2, 3) and even made her dress up like Maggie Simpson!  I REALLY got into making quilts, a passion that I don't see going away anytime soon!  All of the quilts I made, with the exception of one, were for little people:  Stella, Mabel, Emerson, Cameron and Robbie.  Who would have thought that quilts would be my new found love!

I made tons of things for the business, too.  Tons of clothes, a plethora of pillow covers and this year, Brent and I collaborated and made the much-loved lantern slide frames.  We're in talks of more collaborations for this year which I'm very excited about!  To top things off, I recently sent a line down the Indie Emporium runway with clothes and accessories all made by me.  It still blows me away to think about.  Creatively, this was my wow moment of the year. 
I made an effort to share more about myself with random stories throughout the year.  This is something that I plan on continuing in 2014 and have topics already lined up in my head :)  I shared how Brent and I met, my first encounter with the golden rule, why I cut off three feet of hair, how my past is coming back to haunt me in the best way possible and shared one of my most random collections.

I completed my sixth year of teaching English as a Second Language and still love it as much as I did when I started.  It's such a rewarding profession.  I constantly feel incredibly lucky to have found my place in the classroom with my amazing colleagues and students.  Seriously blessed and I don't use that word that often.  :)

Definitely the hardest part of the year was saying goodbye to Pimmy.  It's still very hard to think about and I often think I see her out of the corner of my eye.  She sure was a special, crazy kitty!  I'm thankful that the other animals are doing very well, even in their older years.  Many assured us that we'd love our animals differently or less than we did before a kid came along.  I'm happy to report that's not the case.  If anything, my love and appreciation for them has grown leaps and bounds.  Watching them grow with their new human sister has made me realize what a truly special fuzzy tribe we have in our home.  They are amazing with her and she is amazing with them.

Looking back, I'm surprised that we didn't even leave the state this year!  We did, however, spend lots of time with mini road trips as a family.  WoodyFest saw us again as did the Gentlemen of the Road festival, both of which Rio proved she was a festival champ!  It kind of wows me how many live bands this kid has already seen.  We also skipped town to OKC for a weekend of music, spent a little time in the woods with my extended family and cheered on a parade in Okemah.
I didn't document my ensembles as prolifically as I had in the past but instead, I shared outfits that stood out to me.  Even I think it's weird that I share outfits here but I LOVE doing it so I continue on!  Some of my favorites of the year were the monster pant debut, building a winner, my first pencil skirt, cleaning out the closets, the feed store dress and the purple stunna.  I like clothes and I like getting dressed :)

A few of our other projects that were much enjoyed over here were our vintage cart revamp (which gets SO much use now that it's been fancified!), our sitting room makeover (which of course is always evolving) and one of my favorite Halloween costumes ever

I produced my fourth Alliday Show and while I feel like it was the best yet, things are going to change with the show which I'm quite looking forward to.  In fact, I'm taking steps in many areas of my life to allow me to not be quite as busy this new year.  Cutting back isn't easy for me in general but I need and want to not feel so committed.  If I were a resolution type person, I'd say that I resolve to not be as busy.  I'd also say that I resolve to finally learn how to use my free motion quilting foot :) 

So 2013 rocked.  It was epic.  It was unexpected, beautiful and so, so, so much more.  2014 has a lot to live up to. 

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