Friday, February 7, 2014

Goals, Changes and Big Stuff

Instead of throwing out a few random goals at the beginning of the year, I needed some time to figure out the direction I want my creative life to head this year.  A month later, I finally put some goals on paper and took active steps to begin achieving those goals.  I decided to share all of this with you.
First, the big stuff.  There will be no more Alliday.  Yeah, I know.  That's kind of huge.  I love, love, love the show and everything surrounding it but there's no escaping how much work it is.  And I do it all.  While I believe last year was the best yet, it was also the hardest yet for me.  I spoke a little about this a while back.  When I started to assess how to make it not so hard for me in the future, I started to reevaluate whether or not it should remain in my life right now.  When I looked at the time spent on the show and the money made from it, I just couldn't justify continuing.  It should be said though that money is NOT the reason I have ever done the show but it is, naturally, a factor.  In addition to that, I didn't feel like I'd be able to give it my all this year and if you know me, when I put my mind to something, I go full throttle.  It's not in me to do anything half-assed.  There were many other factors contributing to my decision as well.  Making the decision to not continue the show was NOT an easy one for me but once I first said it out loud, a wave of relief came over me and I knew it was right.  I don't know what the future holds for the show but I know for now, it is what had to be done.

I also stepped away from Make Tulsa this week.  Another ridiculously difficult decision.  Just a few weeks ago I was running around in the woods with my fellow makers, talking about the future of the group.  Why in the world would I leave?  Well, I had a bit of an epiphany that weekend.  I realized that I was wanting to stay because of the friends I had made within the group.  Then I realized that those friendships can and will continue without my membership to a group.  My creative time has been so divided among MT and Alliday that Bifftastica was getting my leftover, creative energy.  I have spent SO much time coordinating others and appeasing others that I've ignored my own creative business and this year, I want to focus on that, as selfish as that may sound to some.  I want, and need, a break from trying to organize and appease so many other people. 
Narrowing down my commitments will naturally allow me to be more present in my family and to focus my energy on them, teaching and creating for my own business.  These were changes that needed to happen, easy or not.

All of that being said, I sat down the other night and wrote out goals for my creative business.  I've never done that before.  I believe that by sharing them publicly, it will hold me more accountable for achieving those goals.  I really want to focus on improving my online shop.  I have been very encouraged over the past few months by random people buying my stuff online!  This has motivated me to up my game and triple my online sales this year.  Right now I have 14 sales (I know, small, small potatoes for some but that's where I am and I'm proud of it!) so by the end of the year, I hope to have at least 56 sales.  You can see some of my newest listings in this post.  In order to meet this goal, I have many mini goals - I will do a treasury a month on Etsy (I'm behind a month but I'll make up for it!) to be more involved in that community.  I will also up my game in the product photography department.  I want to photograph some of my creations outside of our home/backyard.  For new product (and old jewelry that I have been rephotographing and listing) I have already changed my shooting set up and am LOVING the outcomes. 
In regards to shows, I do want to continue participating in shows and I plan on doing at least three GOOD shows.  I have already begun a list of shows to apply to and am excited to share new products with a renewed sense of my creative self.  Right now, I have product in only one store.  This year, I want to add a store (or two!) to that list.  I already have some feelers out on that which is very encouraging!  The next goal is just something I'm toying with:  renting a booth space.  I have SO many vintage goods and random creations that won't sell themselves sitting in our garage or that I don't foresee myself getting on Etsy anytime soon so I've been toying with renting a small booth space.  I'm not 100% sure I definitely want to do this but it's been a thought, so I wanted to add it here.

Finally, I want to learn to use my darn darning foot!  Brent bought me one for Christmas several years ago and I have NEVER even messed with it once!  This is the year.  
It's been a bit of an emotional week for me coming out with all of this.  It's also been a huge weight lifted for me.  I'm relieved to be relinquishing so many of my commitments and am rejuvenated to be narrowing down my focuses to my family, my creations and my time in the classroom.  To those of you who have offered your support to me this week, I appreciate it more than you know.  Cheers to the future!

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  1. woot! Sounds exciting just reading about it. I love when I can just narrow my focus down to one thing and really get into it. Plus, I'm excited to see what you create! Both Nick and I have been loving your recent work. Maybe you should add to your goal list, add a registry service ;) Nick is the one who said, "when we get married, Briana has to design and outfit our home." Just a thought and we're mildly serious…like a lot.
    Congrats on your big decisions!


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