Monday, February 17, 2014

Rio Style: The Wrangler Vest

Before I had a kid, I never really 'got' what was so special about children's clothes.  I mean, they're just small clothes.  Well, then Rio came into our world and I GOT it.  They're small clothes!  The cutest small clothes you ever did see!  I'm sure you can only imagine by how much I enjoy dressing myself that I LOVE to dress this kid.  We haven't bought *much* new but instead have been given so many greatly-appreciated hand-me-downs, bought second hand, searched for some vintage pieces and, of course, I've tried my hand at making clothes here and there.  I thought that it may be fitting to bring about a new feature with the tiniest little model:  Rio Style.  This *may* take place of my quarterly Rio updates.  Maybe.
Now, after that whole introduction, you're probably expecting some grand outfit.  Well, I didn't even dress her this day!  This was 99% dad and it was adorable.  I added the vest once we ventured outside, but more on that in a minute. 

Up until a few weeks ago, Rio wouldn't do shoes.  Like would FREAK out when we would attempt to put them on her and then freak out even more once they were on.  Then one day, she was fine with them!  This meant more time outside, less time for me to freak out about her keeping warm and one more accessory to add to her little ensembles.  This particular pair of shoes is the only pair she's cool with at the moment and I'm cool with that.  They were a very sweet birthday present from a very sweet friend.
Let's get to the heart of this post now.  The vest.  The Wrangler vest.  Would you believe that that was once mine?!  True story!  My mom had packed away some of my childhood outfits and recently pulled them out.  I have no recollection of some of them but I did come across some toddling photos of myself in this vest not too long ago!  Since we've had this beautiful (and I'm sure short-lived) break in the weather, this vest has been perfection.  And it makes all of her outfits aw-worthy.  At least in this mom's opinion ;)
The rest of this little look is comprised of a Gap clearance shirt complete with a kitty that says 'purrrrfect', leggings from a gifted set, Carter's sunglasses (she loves them) and a little Target hair clip (they are by far my favorite hair clips for thin, baby hair thus far). 

There ya go!  Rio Style No. 1 done!

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