Friday, March 21, 2014

A Tiny Artist

Ahh, Spring Break.  The most relaxing time of the year.  Or not.  I'm quickly learning that Spring Break with a kiddo means less of a break than normal!  Not that I'm complaining, though.  ;)  While we didn't jet set off to some tropical climate or to the top of a mountain for skiing, the kid and I did spend some quality time together this week in a toddler art class taught by my old friend (and former neighbor!) Annie Ferris.  Annie is such a sweet soul, talented artist and SO good with the littles that there was no way we could refuse when we saw the opportunity for class pop up.  
It was a great, great time and a wonderful learning experience for both Rio and me.  While the younger kids may not have been the greatest at following instructions, they were able to get their hands dirty and just be a part of art without boundaries.  For me, it was a lesson in patience and letting go of control, which is something I constantly battle internally.  This was also our first go at something with other children and parents, aside from hanging out with friends!  I struggled a little with worrying about how others perceived Rio's few (epic) meltdowns but soon learned that we were in a very supportive, compassionate group of parents.  I was also thrilled to share the experience with two of my friends and their fantastic kiddos.  Like I said, a wonderful experience for the both of us.  :)  Plus, the class was held in the Harvest Market within Global Gardens which was uh-mazing.  If you've yet to hear about this initiative, take some time to learn about it here.

Each day, we traveled to another country in the world which, of course, I loved.  Navajo art, Indian art, Russian art, Australian Aborigine art, and Rwandan art (if I remember correctly) were all interpreted by tiny hands and little masterpieces were created.  It was really inspiring and has motivated me to try to do more art with Rio at home.  Believe it or not, we are lacking in the toddler art department at home!  Music and outdoor exploration are our strong suits thus far but visual arts will hopefully become more commonplace in our home.   
So thank you, Annie, for opening up artistic doors for us and for just being the greatest.  It was the perfect addition to our break.

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