Sunday, March 9, 2014

Booth Table Covers {Make Your Own!}

Craft shows.  I've got some experience with 'em.  I've had successful shows, I've had terrible shows, I've had ok shows, and I've run shows.  I've learned lots, I've taught lots, and now I'm working on applying those things back on my own business again.  All of that to say, I made new booth table covers and I wanted to share.  So there.

From a veteran craft show-er, the way you present your product in person can make or break a show.  I'm constantly trying to improve my booth presence and this year I'm extra gung-ho.  For my entire show life, I've been throwing up sheets, blankets, tablecloths and scarves over my tables and called it done.  Don't get me wrong, they've looked nice and cohesive for the most part but for the last year or so, I've been wanting to make my own table covers specifically for craft shows.  And I finally did.

One of the fabrics that I grabbed in the warehouse really sung to me and after cleaning it up, I decided it would be perfect for show table covers!  I made two, both for 4' tables and I think they just may be the best thing ever.  Allow me to introduce you and guide you through making your own!
My original intent was to make all the covers to fit a table on bed risers (which are cheap and great for adding height to a booth!) and create some system to raise them when risers weren't able to be used.  Once I made the first one, I thought this particular fabric looked best straight, not folded/bustled/pinned so I decided to make one for a table with risers and one without.

Super simple.  First, make sure you have tons of a fabric that won't draw away from your product or displays.  I used one of the fabrics from the haul that I felt would be perfect for the project.  Doesn't wrinkle, washes easily, eye-catching, composed of neutrals, complimented my work, and readily available!  Measure the top of the table and each of the sides to the floor.  Cut one piece of fabric for each side and the top, approximately 1" larger than the measurements.
Sew each wall piece to the corresponding side of the top piece.  For this project, when pinning and sewing, always keep the front sides of the fabric together and turn right side out after sewn.  I serged mine for a little extra security but a straight/zig zag combo will do the same!  With this fabric, I had to be super careful to keep things lined up but depending on your fabric, that may not be an issue at all.  It worked best for me to have the table set up as I went along to lay and pin on, rather than going by measurements.  Once all of the walls are sewn onto the top and you've assured that everything is aligned, then you can sew the front panel to the front of the side wall pieces.  Don't sew the back panel to the side wall pieces though!
Leave that back panel free so you can easily access the space under your table during the show. If you've ever done a show before, you know how sacred that under table space can be! It was important to me to be able to quickly and easily get to packaging material, extra stock, snacks, or whatever else it may be so I left the back corners open. To keep things looking nice though, finish up those edges however you see fit.
I also decided to throw a couple of pockets on the back to make things even more functional.  We will have to be careful to not throw anything too heavy in the pockets but other than that, I see them being very sturdy and handy.  In the occasion that I'm in a spot where both sides of my table will be seen, I'm fine with the pockets being seen and I can use them as displays! 
I finished all the sides up with this green trim and love the way they turned out.  The green lets me throw in some color without being overwhelming with it.  I'm REALLY excited to set things up and see how these look with my displays!  I still have a 6' table but for the last few shows, I haven't used it as often so it's low on the list to complete.  It feels good to finally knock this off of my list and to be so pleased with the results.  I'd love to know if you have any questions, have made your own covers, or if you end up doing this yourself!


  1. So, the pockets are genius. These turned out great!

  2. I'm so impressed with these! I might need to commission you to make me some once I find the right fabric that I want to use for a long time! And yes, those pockets are pure genius! You're amazing.

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