Friday, March 14, 2014

One of Those Outfits: Inside and Out

I honestly have about ten drafted posts about my busy-ness status since I stepped back from my many commitments but I just can't seem to find the right voice to share my thoughts.  So why share at all?  Because I want to.  Because I want to let others know that you are in control of your happiness.  Sometimes, it's more honorable to say no to stuff and to put yourself first.  It may not be easy, but sometimes it's the right choice.  It sure wasn't easy for me but it sure as hell was the right thing to do!
My changes have been so good to me.  I don't know if others can tell or not, but the inside of my head is a much more pleasant place right now.  I'm not mentally jumping from one thought to the next, from one project to another, or compiling things to add onto my lists.  Speaking of lists, I noticed the other day that my epic list making habits have changed.  Instead of having a sheet of paper divided into ten different categories with endless bullet points underneath each topic, I have been making weekly to do lists, still on one sheet of paper, with the different aspects of my life intermingling together.  No categories.  Suddenly, my brain isn't compartmentalizing everything.  To me, this is huge.  There is still organization within my lists, but it's different.  More relaxed.
I've had these enlightening moments lately about busy-ness versus productivity.  I was busier than I ever should have been.  I was always looking to the next meeting, trying to stay on top of my emails, and trying to schedule in days without any commitments, which was rare.  I was just busy, not always productive.  Since I've made these life changes, I've had an empty inbox more than once in the past month (!!), I've cooked more creative and healthy meals for our family, I've been SO productive in updating the shop like a boss, the house has been flowing better, I feel like I've been a better prepared teacher, and I just feel happier all around.  Things are good.  And really, I have myself to thank for that.  I wouldn't be where I am right now if I hadn't finally put myself first. 
This was a casual outfit from yesterday that made me feel as equally good about myself outside as I've been feeling on the inside.  A positive doctor's appointment, a new hair cut, pretty weather and a happy baby made for a winning day. 

Tank - Target Clearance (from years back; also seen here) / Blouse - Hand-me-down from my sister (that I desperately need to replace buttons on!) / Pink & Gold Sparkly Jeans - Target Clearance, last year / Sandals - Target Clearance, several years back


  1. Hooray for small changes making huge differences! And Target clearance! :)

    1. Haha! I totally almost wrote that this post wasn't sponsored by the Target clearance racks! :)


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