Sunday, March 30, 2014

One of Those Outfits: Not a Pink Person

If you were to ask what my least favorite color is, the answer would be pink, without a doubt.  Why?  I think it boils down to that whole gender specific color thing.  According to society, as a girl, I'm supposed to be all over pink which is probably why I've always shunned it to the degree that I have.  Then I had a daughter.  Holy cow, that's when I REALLY noticed the gender color issue.  And yes, to me, it's an issue.  But hey, if you dig pink and you're a girl, that's awesome!  And if you dig pink and you're a boy, that's awesome too!  If Rio loves pink, then more power to her!  I just wish our society didn't press a color along with a gender like it does.  All of that to say, I fell in love with a pink dress and surprised myself.
Saturday was mine and Brent's sixth wedding anniversary.  Could be my favorite anny yet.  We started the day off with a trip to the zoo with our friends and their adorable daughter who just turned three.  Those two little girls together just about killed me with cuteness.  After a few hours pointing out all of the animals and a short train ride, we stopped by one of my favorite sandwich shops ever, Big Als.  It's becoming more and more enjoyable to eat out with the kid.  We did lots of food sharing and laughing with each other.  Following that, back to the house for nap time.  Brent worked in the garden and I photographed more clothes for shopbifftastica.  After the kid awoke, we shipped her off to my folks' house for the night so the mister and I could get rowdy!
We really didn't have a thing planned for the evening, except that we wanted to dine somewhere.  Not really knowing where or what we wanted to eat, we just parked the car downtown and started walking.  We ended up at the packed Tallgrass Prairie Table, without a reservation.  Due to some random happenings, we ended up getting a table and had an uh-mazing dinner.  The hype of that place is well deserved.  After our feast, we shimmied on down to The Max where we played a little skeeball and arcade games.  Next up we stuck our heads into Enso and The Electric Circus for a short stay to listen to some music.  By about ten, we decided to head over to a friend's house where my dear friend was celebrating her birthday.  We had a great time catching up and relaxing a bit.  After a few hours there, we decided it was time to go home but the universe had other things planned!  While leaving, Brent happened to see one of our coworkers (the guy he directly works with daily) and his wife arriving home from their night out!  They live around the corner from the house we were previously at so we ended up spending a few more hours over there!  My head didn't hit the pillow until well after three that morning, something I hadn't done in many moons!  It was a wonderful, unplanned day that just kept getting better and better.  Full disclosure though - Sunday was a widdle bit rough for me.  The universe apparently also needed to remind me that I'm not as young as I used to be ;)  Regardless of a ridiculously unproductive Sunday, the night was worth it and one I'll look back on for years.
Look at that hunk!  I'm a lucky, lucky lady.  So here's to my charming man, the father of our spunky little girl, my gardening master, and so much more.  May our future be just as wonderful as our past.
Vintage Dress - Cheap Thrills / Sandals - Target Clearance / 
Jacket - My sister's closet / Earrings - Busted Trumpet

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