Tuesday, March 25, 2014


So I opened up a little vintage shop on Instagram!  I'd been thinking about it for moooooonths but just wasn't sure if I really wanted to give it a go.  Well, I did it.  It's been approximately 72 hours and I'm hooked.  It's tons of fun to give each article of clothing its own air time and focus on what's great about it specifically.  When selling clothes in person, I think it's easy for special traits to be easily overlooked which means you just may miss out on a killer piece. 
I had a good little pep talk from my friend Kim who has a great little shop that I enjoy frequenting.  Remember that needlepoint I'm working on?  I bought it from her on Instagram.  It's really an interesting marketplace.  There's no real policing of selling activity on there so it seems there's a lot of trust in place but from what I've seen, everyone is on the up and up.  I've chosen to cover myself (and prefer buying this way, too) by sending invoices via PayPal and ship once the payment has cleared.  Easy, peasy. 
Who knows how long I'll keep up with this but for right now, I'm having fun!  I shipped out my first two orders yesterday and couldn't be more pleased!  I've got plenty of vintage clothes and vintage crafting supplies that I'm ready to part with and this seems like it may be the right avenue for that right now.  

If you're interested in checking this venture out, you can find it here!  And no worries, my Etsy shop is still hopping and is filled with loads of stuff!

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