Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Great Fabric Haul Update

Remember that time I scored more fabric than I could ever use?  Well, I've been super proactive with not only using it for projects but also listing lots in the shop for others!  From those bolts of fabric, I cut off about five feet for myself, cleaned them up, measured and photographed them to offer the goodness to the rest of the world.  So far, I have listed seven different unbelievably amazing vintage fabrics in stunning condition to the shop.  I'm selling them by the yard but each order can easily be requested to be longer.  Once purchased, I will launder the fabric so it will be ready for whatever type of project you can dream up!  One fabric I have already been using TONS of for a project I'll be sharing soon.  While you're hanging out in the shop, look around at all of the other things I've been adding...I've been very, very productive lately!  (Use the code YOURESPECIAL for free shipping anytime!)  Trims are next up on my list to clean up and get added.  Too bad there are not more hours in the day!
Back to work I go!

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