Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Quaker Apartment

Not too long ago I toured you around the Cincinnati apartment.  Well, let's go back to the abode before that one - the Quaker apartment.  I actually lived in two apartments in this building, the first one being in the basement.  I loved the idea of living in that basement (instant tornado shelter!) and really loved the price but quickly found myself wanting out due to the cave crickets and the lack of sunlight.  Plus, it was just a shit hole.  :)  Once I learned that the upstairs tenant was vacating, I jumped and laid claim to my future home above ground.  I lived above ground in that building for two more years and soon learned that the upstairs was just as crummy as the basement thanks to a near-collapsing balcony (which they promised they would fix and twelve years later, it still hasn't been), slum lords, and a roach infestation thanks to a very filthy neighbor.  But you know what?  I loved it there.  The location was a blast being right off of Cherry Street and it was once a gorgeous building from the early 1920s.  It was the last place I lived with a landline, dial up internet and without cable.  The end of an era.  For a while, I lived right across the street from some of my dearest friends and was two blocks away from my 'Cheers' where I would seriously go and run the pool tables most nights of the week.  Those were fun, careless times with fun, somewhat careless people.  ;)  Welcome to my early twenties.

Scanning thousands of photos may be a lot of work but being able to relive your past through those images makes it totally worth it.  Totally.

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