Thursday, April 24, 2014

Docs to Watch

My making time always coincides with a certain little person's naptime and bedtime.  There are times when I work with silence or put on some tunes but honestly, that's not my norm.  While I make, I also watch.  I'm slightly addicted to streaming Netflix. And I'm ok with that.  Some shows and movies have stood out more to me than others, naturally, so I decided to start compiling a list to share with you here.  I always appreciate recommendations and, who knows, maybe there are others of you out there with the same binge-watching habits that I have.  :)  Here are a few documentary-type films that I recently enjoyed.  I'll share some movies and streaming TV shows soon!
Mortified Nation - One of the more recent films I have watched.  SO good!  It's basically a traveling comedy show that features adults reading passages from their own childhood/teen diaries.  I strongly suggest this one.  It was refreshing, hilarious, and very relate-able.

The Punk Singer - Punk music is a genre that I really know VERY little about.  It was the movie description that caught my attention so I clicked play.  This documentary focuses on the incredibly interesting life of Kathleen Hanna, who was the singer for Bikini Kill.  What I loved most about this film was learning more about the feminist movement of the last few decades.  Women who challenge gender roles are a-ok in my book.

Blackfish - You know, this film kept coming up as a top pick for me and I kept skipping over it again and again.  I have a hard time stomaching any sort of mistreatment of animals which I knew would be covered in this film.  Then, a few weeks back, Holly strongly recommended this one so a few days later, I gave it a go (this time while I cooked dinner).  Well, that was a sob-filled dinner making experience!  BUT, I feel like this film NEEDS to be watched and shared.  My generation was raised with Sea World stars in their eyes but in reality, places like those were so very dark.  I feel the same way with circuses and many zoos.  I strongly encourage you to watch this film.  Do it while you cut up onions though, so you can blame the tears on those. 

Fabulous Fashionistas - Ok, this one isn't on Netflix; it's even easier to watch!  This short film is FANTASTIC and is about some awe-inspiring women in their golden years who refuse to age.  It's endearing, entertaining, vibrant, and leaves you feeling more alive.

 So what am I missing?!  What are your favorite documentaries as of late?  I'm all ears!

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  1. If you REALLY really really want to cry, I recommend Dear Zachary. It's really good but kicks you in the face. I tend to watch really sad documentaries when I'm creating! How to Die in Oregon was interesting but also really heavy.


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