Tuesday, April 22, 2014

East Village Fest

You may remember that forever ago (er, a week and a half ago), I participated in my first show of the year!  It was the East Village Second Saturday Fest which was the first of a three-part festival series this summer to bring life to a really cool, yet often overlooked, area of downtown Tulsa.  The area is actually right down the road from my folks' business and is actually an area that we've done much work in over the years.  It's pretty cool to see it getting so much attention lately.  I was reminded much of the Pearl District events that were held a few years back to bring awareness to another area.  
As for the festival, there were a few things that I absolutely loved about it.  First, it was only four hours long!  For an outdoor show, shorter is better in my opinion.  That is, from a vendor's viewpoint.  Those types of shows can really take it out of you!  Second, it was quite (REALLY!) affordable to participate.  Third, the live music was off the hook.  It wasn't your typical Tulsa festival music which I found to be incredibly refreshing.  There was Latin music, live poetry with interpretive dancing, belly dancing, and even a rapper!  I was all about the business happening on stage.  Finally, the crowd that was there was absolutely delightful.  This also includes my fellow artists.  The organizers did a great job marketing to only handmade artists to share their wares and were also able to draw a crowd that fully embraced the purpose of the festival.  Oh, and there were a plethora of food trucks.  Yes, please.  Check out this great video of the event which includes the live mural painting that was also happening!
Probably the only drawback of the day were the high winds which, for a vendor, aren't really ideal.  Since this wasn't my first outdoor rodeo, I knew that meant that I just couldn't build my displays up high and needed things weighted down well.  No problem.  I do wish that I could have been able to have been more creative with my booth but Mother Nature came first.  I had pretty good sales which made my first sunburn of the season worth it and I had fabulous booth neighbors which is always an added show bonus.  

Will I return to the show as a vendor in the future?  If my schedule allows, then hell yes.  The two remaining fests will be May 10th and June 14th, from 11-3.  Perhaps we'll see each other there!

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  1. Thanks for the recap! I'm glad to hear that it went well for you. I will have to check this out in the future because it looks like it would be right up my alley. If not as vendor, I'll definitely head that way as a shopper and explorer!


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