Friday, April 25, 2014

Fuzzy Friday: A New Addition!

After losing Pimmy last March, we've since been talking about getting a kitten for Rio to grow up with.  Being involved with cat rescue like I am, I receive email after email daily of animals needing homes.  A few kitten emails have passed through that have caught my eye and a few we've actually acted on but those just weren't meant to be.  Then about a month ago, I got an email sharing photos of a litter pulled from a feral colony and one little fluffball just wouldn't leave my mind.  Brent gave me a nudge to contact her foster and just a few days later, we were meeting this doll in our own home.  It was official, she would be our next family member.

We decided to wait a while for her to get a little larger (she was only about a pound and 9 weeks old when we first met her) to be able to hold her own with Rio and Mondo but as time passed and impatience grew, we decided that we were ready so if all goes as planned, tomorrow she'll be moving in!  Once she's a bit bigger and older, we'll have her spayed and will finish up her shots. 

Believe it or not, I know very, very little about kittens.  Now cats, that's a different story.  I'm a cat nerd but kittens are pretty foreign to me.  We had some when I was quite young but don't have much recollection of their kitten years.  This will be a learning experience for us all!  A cat tree is on its way, kitten food is being purchased, toys are being accumulated, the other pets have been given pep talks; we've prepared ourselves as much as we can at this point!

We can't freaking wait to watch her and Rio form a relationship and grow together.  To say we're excited would be a huge understatement.  So wish us, the other animals, and our new kitten luck!

*If you've been missing some of my fuzzy talk around here, you can catch up over at Bark Meow where I've been contributing off and on!  It's a great little website to get lost in for a while.  So far I've written about introducing your pets to your new baby and things to consider when adopting a senior pet.  It's been fun! *

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