Monday, April 21, 2014

Hopping Around for Easter

Well hello, strangers!  How's that for an unintentional break around here?  Last week I was focused on finishing up the end of the semester and then on Friday, our little family hit the road for three days of jumping around the state. 

We actually began our trip separately as Brent played in a memorial golf tournament early Friday morning in Guthrie.  Having no interest in getting up at 4:30 a.m., Rio and I decided to just meet him later in the day, allowing us to take our time and go on our own adventure together!  We were able to catch up with old friends, check out some of my old stomping grounds (I went to college in OKC), and leisurely enjoy the day.  We ended up getting a room for the night (where Brent met back up with us) and we spent most of the gorgeous evening in the pool or on the balcony.  Made up for the missed naps and not-so-great night's sleep.

On Saturday, we headed to Brent's hometown of Okemah to spend some quality time with family.  Rio was in heaven there.  She couldn't have been better.  I guess being the center of attention and having acres of land to explore will do that to you.  We feasted like kings, danced to some oldies, and laughed together; all so good for the soul.  After a hearty Easter brunch on Sunday and some egg hunting, Rio and I left Brent behind and headed back to Tulsa where we managed to make it in time for a small gathering of my family at my folks' place!  Awaiting us was the beast, who my parents kept throughout the weekend.  He was thrilled to see us, as were we with him. 

As wonderful as the weekend was, it was sure nice to get back home yesterday and to sleep in our own beds.  We all slept like rocks.  It was glorious.  I hope your Easter weekend was just as pleasant as ours was.  We may not celebrate the holiday in the religious sense but we sure love any excuse to gather with family and count our blessings.

Fun to look back on last year's Easter weekend...the rug rat was so small! 

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