Monday, April 28, 2014

Quilting (and Kitten) Fever!

Remember the days when I could only make quilts for certain people in mind?  So long ago, *cough* *cough* last year.  Well, something happened recently that shook me out of that and got me a-makin'.  Maybe it's Tex's spirit working through me, maybe it's just the break from school, or maybe I'm just desiring larger projects.  Whatever it is, I'm digging it and am firing away at quilt building lately.  Here are my two latest, already available in the shop!  And there very well may be a coupon code at the bottom of this post.  Hint Hint.

I mentioned quilt 'building' instead of 'making' above because that's really how I create these.  Especially lately.  And especially this one.  I just start with the smallest pieces and build on those until it feels whole.  If I try to start with the 'big picture' and imagine what a quilt will look like from the get-go, I get overwhelmed, over-think things, and just can't get going.  Breaking it down into smaller pieces makes it manageable and easier for me to work with.  I guess that method works for me in other arenas, too.
So, this quilt.  I'm in love with it.  The colors, the boldness, the symmetry.  It's made from mostly vintage fabrics and is flanked with a beautiful modern fabric on the ends.  The backing is the softest vintage sheet that perfectly complements the front colors. 
My second latest one is a tad bit smaller and a tiny bit simpler but still bold and beautiful!  Plus, gold!  And, trees!   This baby quilt is made of all vintage fabrics, including some gorgeous gold bark cloth.  Do you know what bark cloth is?  It was a fabric highly popular for curtains and upholstery mainly in the 50s.  Its most telling feature is often some raised parts in the fabric, giving it the sense of tree bark.  It's becoming a bit harder to find nowadays and is becoming more and more pricey by the minute.  I've always loved the imagery on much of it so I've been hoarding it for years.  This gold bark cloth is like none I've ever seen before. 
I backed this baby with another mega soft vintage sheet but this one is special - it's a Vera Neuman sheet!  Had I seen the markings before cutting into it, I never would have chopped it up.  It's so perfect for these quilts though that I can't image another use for it.  Plus, look at how serene and gorgeous it is.  It's the perfect partner for that tree on the front, right? 

The thread I used to quilt this just absolutely disappeared on the front but on the back, you can see what a cool design it ended up being.  Soon I'll be embarking on learning free motion quilting which I'm stoked about!  I can't wait to play around more with the actual quilting side of quilting!  :) 
Both of these bad boys are ready for their new homes and I'll have more to add soon!  Goin' with the quiltin' flow, man.  If you're a fan of discounts, I'm having a 20% off sale on everything in the shop with the code KITTENFEVER at checkout (good until next Monday, May 5th).  I even reduced some of the supply prices so it's sale central! 

And yes, our kitten arrived Saturday and is doing so, so good with everyone and vice versa!  I'll share some kitty updates soon but just know that between adorable Rio photos and kitten photos, I definitely have the cutest collection of images on my phone right now.  If you want to see some of this cuteness, you can follow my personal Instagram account (bifftastica).  Hasta luego!

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