Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tooth Fairy Pillows

While nobody in our house may be losing any teeth just yet, I'm sure that day will be here before we know it, as crazy as that sounds!  One of my latest creations is just for that momentous occasion - tooth fairy pillows!  I had a request to give some a whirl so I churned out a handful that are now available at Dwelling Spaces!  I made sure to make them super kid friendly so when they're not housing teeth, they can be used as play things.  I also made sure to make the pockets large and loose enough for both kid hands and adult hands!  Finally, I put a little hanger on each pillow so when the Tooth Fairy does need to visit, the pillow can be hung by the little's bed so no one forgets the prize!  I don't have any available in the shop right now BUT can if there is an interest and I'll gladly take custom orders for them as well!  Just say the word :) 
Let's get to losing some teeth! :)

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