Friday, May 2, 2014

Binge Quilting

Beginning this past week, I've started to take one day off work for two reasons:  for Rio and I to go and do some fun kid stuff (this week was the library for story time!) and for me to concentrate on Biff business at home.  One week into this (temporary summer) arrangement and I can already tell I'm going to like it.  This week, I was able to fire off another quilt!
When I first started this one, things were going in a completely different direction and once I started piecing it together, I hated it.  I spent some time just staring at it and then staring at other potential fabrics and then back to what I had already done.  It just wasn't working.  Then I took everything apart that I had already worked on.  I knew that I wanted to use that vibrant floral fabric and the black but couldn't find the right complementary fabric until I scrounged around a bit more and came up with that graphic black and white number.  It was like angels were singing and I knew I had found the missing piece.  I'm SO happy with the way this one turned out!   It's definitely the most bold quilt I've ever made!
It's a great size for a crib quilt, if you're in the market for a baby gift!  When Rio first saw it completed, she gasped and then lightly petted the flowers for a bit.  That was, of course, pretty cute.  Those graphics really sing to little ones! 
All of the fabrics are vintage and are in great shape.  The backing fabric is one I have used time and time again.  Super soft and with a subtle pattern that works well with the focal colors.  Plus, I have tons of it so it works well for large projects. 
It's totally available in the shop and is ready to be packaged up and sent out!  And if you order before Monday, you can get 20% off anything with the code KITTENFEVER at checkout.  I'm not going to let you forget about my kitten-fueled sale!  ;)
I already have another quilt being built and hope to finish it up within a week!  I hope you guys are loving my quilting binge as much as I am.  :)  Happy Friday!

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  1. Holy Smokes, Lady! My head is spinning thinking of all the things you accomplish in your days AND you blog about it {which takes its own time}. I love all the new stuff you are whipping out and we are excited to meet the newest member of your fam! I am especially excited about your one day off each week...hopefully that means more play dates for Oliver and Rio??!


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