Thursday, May 22, 2014

Feeling Free {Motion Quilting}

Last night, I crossed something big off of my goal list - I finally took my darning foot out of the package and learned the ins and outs of free motion quilting!  
Last month, Owl & Drum created an event for beginner FMQ and I immediately signed up.  The event had to be rescheduled so I had to wait just a hair longer but it was totally worth the wait.  Ann from Ann's Quilt N' Stuff was our teacher and she was just wonderfully patient and full of information.  While I may use my machine all of the time, I really know very little in regards to the technical side of it.  So not only did I learn FMQ, I also learned general sewing bits and secrets about my machine making the three-hour class invaluable.  
We were asked to bring our machine, two half-yards of solid fabric, quilt batting, and contrasting threads to practice our tails off.  We sectioned off the practice quilt and eventually filled the entire thing up with various designs that were meant to teach us different techniques.  For the record, loops were not my strong point.  At all.  But on the flip side, I surprisingly did pretty good on most of the other designs!  
Even though my test quilt may not be perfect (at all), I plan on binding it and sticking it back for reference and so I can see how far I (hope I) will advance in the future.  One thing's for sure, I'm hooked and am ready to practice more and more!  

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  1. i want to try that so badly... but i fear my machine isn't good enough... and that i'm not good enough! :O


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