Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Five of Those Outfits: High School Flashbacks

I'm not ever really worried about anyone else embarrassing me on the internet because I'm pretty darn good at doing that myself.  For example, this post. 

If my memory of hair lengths and housewares serves me correctly, these photos were taken shortly after my 16th birthday, making them almost twenty years old.  This was one of many nights where I would dress up in random clothes, play with my hair (and small bits of makeup), and have my mom take photos.  Not much has changed, I suppose.  ;)
I tended to be a bit of an odd dresser in high school (broom skirt addict!) and wore some vintage but not pieces as flashy as this.  The vintage I wore out of the house at that time was more relegated to Puritan sweaters, various polyester button-up tops, the occasional skirt, and men's pullovers.  The clothes pictured here would have been out of my comfort zone to wear in public and stayed in my 'private' collection...aka the back of my closet unless pulled out for dress up or photos.  Nowadays, I would totally wear each of these pieces in public.  Except those orange poly pants.  No.
Most of these pieces were found at the thrift store - Unique Thrift Store more than likely (I miss you Unique!!!) - with the exception of the cream and green gingham dress below.  That lovely was my aunt's prom dress and the necklaces were some of the many (many) seed bead necklaces I made in my even younger years.  I'm not sure where that dress ended up but do remember it not being in the best of shape when it was in my possession.
If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm all about that #tbt (Throwback Thursday) hashtag.  I'm definitely a proponent for taking a moment or two to look back at your own past, embarrassing or not.  Reflect on the good times, look at how far you've come, remind yourself of past mistakes you don't want to repeat, laugh at hideous hairstyles, mourn those no longer here, or be in awe for how quickly time passes.  Embrace your past.
Silver fingernails, for the win.  Oh high school Briana, you were OK.

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  1. haha, LOVE these. I had a good friend who she and i were ALL about the moody dress up photo shoot ;) we would have been good high school friends! I was particularly fond of the 'velvet and combat boots' look ;)


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