Friday, May 23, 2014

The Squarelicious Quilt

Not only did I dip my toes in free motion quilting this week, I also finished a quilt that I had been ignoring for too long!  Yay, progress!
This particular quilt began simply because I wanted to use those last little green and yellow pieces of fabric I had leftover from pillow covers I'd sold.  I had just a small amount left so I just chopped up what remained into equal sized squares and started piecing.  As you've probably noticed by now, with these quilts, I don't really go into them with a plan but rather just start piecing, work my way out, and hope everything turns out ok in the end!  I think this one worked out well.  :)  I highlighted the focal fabric with small bits of a khaki fabric I had stashed away and finished things out with a beautifully rustic old, linen-like fabric.  
 That cream fabric has so much charm with some fading here and there and a few little spots which I think adds tons of character.  I wasn't so sure about using this fabric due to those little 'imperfections' but in the end, I'm SO glad I did.  That's part of the beauty of using vintage fabrics.
The front came together fairly quickly but what stalled me was the back.  I just couldn't find the right fabric in a large enough size that I thought worked.  After letting this one sit around for a month or so, I finally decided that this soft vintage sheet (surprise, surprise!) would be the perfect backing and would add just a little more color.  Of course what I had wouldn't fit exactly so I had to do some piecing and used the last little bits of that focal fabric to finish it out.  Voila!  
I think what makes this quilt really work is the quilting, in my opinion.  I basted it a little differently this time which took just a hair longer but sure seemed to make a difference.
I think this is the the most I've ever quilted a quilt!  I'm sure there's some stitch number to quilt size ratio thing in there but I don't know how to figure that business out.  ;)  All I know is that I wanted a design that showed off the front design and this one just made sense.  I think the extra effort paid off. 
I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out!  It's funny how sometimes we just have to power through moments that we don't think will work out only to find out it's better than you could have imagined.  With quilting and life, man. 
This little puppy is already up in the shop and is more than ready for its new home.  Want a custom quilt made?  Just say the word!  I need a new project to sink my teeth (and needle!) into.  ;)

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  1. I love what you did with this! Especially the stitching! ~Sherri


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