Monday, June 23, 2014

Holding On

And just like that, this kid is definitely no longer a baby.  With her constant babble sprinkled in with actual, clearly spoken words and her nonstop ability to figure things out, she's growing up faster than a million cliches.

I think every person who has a child has certain things they look forward to or that are monumental to them.  For me, one of those markers was having my child hold my finger to guide me places. That was always an act that I found endearing in my friends' children and now, my little one does the same.
On Saturday, Rio and I hit the Flea Market just as we've been doing since she was born.  Just like I've been doing since I was a kid with my dad.  What was notably different is that this was her first Flea Market trip that she got to walk through.  In the past, I've either worn her, carried her, or pushed her in a stroller but this time, she explored on foot.  Our condition was that she must hold onto my hand, which translates to her that she must hold onto one of my fingers, throughout our trek.  And she did.  She also carried my one purchase (some fabric, naturally) in a grocery sack, dragging it behind her the entire way.  I heard many folks oohing and ahhing over the sight as we made our way down the aisles, meanwhile I was soaking up every moment of this small adventure we were sharing together.  Cute to strangers, downright special to me.
Perhaps it's parenthood, perhaps it's scanning all of our old family photos, or perhaps it's just aging but as I look to my past, I'm becoming more aware that these moments that we're living now will soon be the ones we'll look back on nostalgically.  These are the moments we'll be remembering.  These are the stories we'll be telling in the future.  So while I could likely make good use of both of my hands at times, for now I'll gladly offer one to the kid so we can share our steps together.

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