Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Our Bedroom

Once upon a time growing up, my dad promised me that if I cleaned my room from top to bottom (which I was always all about) he would repaint my bedroom.  My bedroom walls were ALWAYS 'Spanish White', nothing else.  In fact, every wall in our house was that color.  I was beyond motivated just so I could get color on my walls!  Well, imagine my disappointment when my new paint color was just a new coat of 'Spanish White'.  Yeah.  This story explains my desire for the brightest colors possible on the walls of our house.
When we first moved in eight years ago, our room was the last that we tackled.  As we slowly worked on the rest of the house, I knew that our bedroom had to be blue.  Bright blue.  We took our time picking out the color and Brent took his time getting in on the walls....and I hated it.  I referred to it as 'we just had a baby boy' blue.  It was overpowering but we decided to live with it and now, I can't imagine our bedroom in another color.  It's soothing at night and it's just beautifully bright and happy when the sun begins to shine.
I'm a chronic re-arranger but I think I'm done moving this room around, finally.  We've arranged the furniture around enough to where we have a bit of floor space that we were lacking before, we each have room on either side of the bed, and the beast has an area large enough to accommodate his stretched out sleeping habits.  Tiny midtown bedrooms for the win!
For almost a decade, I slept on a twin mattress on the floor.  I never complained about it but eventually, I decided that it was time for me to get a real bed.  I looked and looked and found this one about two years before I met my mister.  Perhaps getting a bed is what finally classified me as an adult.  The rest of the furniture is a hodge podge from random places, just like the rest of our house.  The wooden trunk is notable though.  Brent made that sturdy piece in high school and I love it.  It has served SO many different purposes in this house but in here, it is a pillow holder/photo shoot studio/dirty clothes mountain/toy deposit.  In other words, it's priceless.
The past six months, I have made our bed almost every single day.  The only other time I've done that was in the dorms where my bed folded out and I had no choice but to make it.  I don't know what spurred the bed-making kick but it makes a world of difference on how I start my day.  It takes less than a minute and starts things off feeling accomplished.  Plus, it just looks nice and it's satisfying to come home to after a long day.
There are a few randoms in here also.  The cat couch (yes, our cats have their own couch), the old school Nintendo which totally works, the sticks on the walls which have their own crazy stories, and the little gallery wall filled with local art all come together to make this bright blue space ours.  It's nothing fancy, but neither are we.
*Behind the scenes exclusive!*  There was a tiny little kitten in 99% of the photos I took of our bedroom.  It seems this is one of her favorite spaces to spend time in as well.  She's taken to sleeping under the covers with us, curled up at tightly as she can be right next to me.  It melts me.

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  1. Last year, one of my New Year's "changes" was to make my bed every day. It usually just involves pulling up the quilt and straightening the pillows, but it's nice to come home to a made bed. This year's "change" was to make sure I hung up or put away anything that came into my bedroom. That has helped keep the laundry down because now the cats don't have anything to lay on. :)


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