Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Whirlwind of Goodness

For whatever reason, July always seems to be one of my busiest months of the year.  Try as I might to make this one different, we're halfway through and I'm already needing to stop and catch my breath.  The past two weeks have been crazy fabulous so I wanted to pause and take a moment to reflect before running through the last of the month.

The main reason for our nonstop hustle and bustle was due to having my sister and her man in town for two weeks!  They took to the open road from California at the end of June and barreled down the highway to join us July 1st.  In true 'don't waste a moment' fashion of our family, we hit the ground running.

Randomly enough, the first few days that they were here, my childhood best friend and her entire family were also in town (hi Tracy!!) so Afton, Rio and I took advantage of the timing to do some catching up with friends so close, I consider them family.  It was wonderful.
Next up was our whirlwind of 4th of July festivities.  My old desk job from several years back hosts one hell of a 4th party right on the river so we took full advantage of that fiesta.  Their office sits riiiiiight where our city has their 4th party.  It's pretty much perfect.  We had a great time and caught this death-by-adorable photo of Rio and two of her little friends.  They are all close to being one year apart and have all enjoyed each other hand-me-downs throughout the years. 

While I'm not a shout-it-from the rooftops patriotic type gal, I sure do like dressing in themes so our little family went full throttle with some red, white, and blue goodness. 
After staying up a little past our bedtime that night, the next morning we found ourselves on the road to our family's cabin.  I haven't been to the cabin with Afton in many years so that was quite the treat.  It was also her man, Nick's, first time to our family's retreat which was also equally wonderful.  In fact, it was lovely to get to hang out with him throughout their entire stay. 
Fireworks, creek swimming, over-eating, laughs, skinned knees, hula hooping, bad dancing, and more filled up our evening.  The kid was a dream, save for one meltdown that signaled a much needed nap.
The rest of the week was sprinkled with lots of gigs for the imported musicians, an impromptu cookout at our place with loads of folks, family dinners, some Big Splash time, and tons of just hanging out with each other.  It was really special to have Rio spend time with her aunt apart in person, not just on a screen. 
For the last day of their stay here, we convinced the imports to join us at our annual pilgrimage, Woody Fest.   Remember, this is where the mister and I first met and have continued to attend as a sort of anniversary for ourselves. This was the first year ever that I didn't have a booth as well as the first year that I only attended one day.  With things as busy as they've been, we just couldn't work it out to be there any longer but it turned out to just be perfect.  Af had never been to Brent's hometown of Okemah, where the festival is held, but had only heard stories and seen pictures.  After a little time 'in town' and at my father-in-law's, we found ourselves at the festival site to listen to John Fullbright who is just amazingly wonderful and Arlo Guthrie who is just straight up entertaining.  After all of these years at the festival, I'd never seen Arlo live before.  On top of it all, the super moon was also in attendance, putting an exclamation point on the evening.
Every time my sis comes back home, it's always a good time but this go around was covered in extra special goodness.  Like all sparkly and shit.  :)  

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