Friday, July 11, 2014

Alliday is Back!

I've alluded to working on a big top secret project for the past few months and now, I can let the cat out of the bag....There WILL be a fifth annual Alliday this year!

Yes, I gave it all up after last year's show.  I was done.  For six months after, I didn't even contemplate doing it again.  It was a great mental break for me.  Then, as I started to think about the rest of the year, I started thinking about how I wanted, no neeeeeeded, to organize some sort of holiday show.  You see, before Alliday was even born, I would host handmade holiday open house shows a few weeks before Christmas in homes.  They were small but fun and very profitable for the makers that participated.  When I started thinking about what I should do for this year, I reflected back on those events.  Then I had a lightbulb moment.  There are no rules for what Alliday must be.  It's my baby and I have free creative reign on allowing it to evolve whichever way it may.  It was then I started rethinking the show and how I could bring it back on my own terms, on a smaller scale, and with a more tailored look. 
Enter Retro Den.  These gals opened up what has quickly become one of my favorite local shops in town a little over a year ago.  I lurve window shopping the vintage finds that they hunt out and even more, I love chatting it up with the Ashleys (yes, they are both named Ashley!) when I'm in the shop.  They are gold, those girls.  What started as a conversation about me making pillows for their shop evolved into us agreeing to partner up on Alliday.  It all seems very serendipitous, actually.  After a few months of meetings and planning, it's all official.

So here are the deets.  This year, Alliday will be TWO-DAYS long on December 12th & 13th, feature TWELVE top-notch Oklahoman artisans, and will be held at Retro Den!  Those are the big changes you'll notice.  One of the changes that I'm most excited about is our Holiday Party Friday night!  It's going to be off the hook.  There will be limited tickets for the soiree but don't fret if you don't get your hands on one, Saturday will be free to shop and will have its own highlights that you won't soon forget.  As time draws closer, I will share more secrets as to what we've got up our sleeves and will let you know when Friday's tickets go on sale!

In the meantime, we are on the hunt for our artists who will be the stars of the show!  Applications can be found right here and information on being a vendor with us can be found here.

Whew, I'm glad that's not a secret any longer!  :)  Party time!  Excellent!

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