Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Work Room

I've come to a conclusion:  My workspace room is never going to be spotlessly clean long enough and the lighting is never going to be good enough for proper pictures.  And that's ok.  It is with those epiphanies and some other external factors that just made me grab the camera the other night to capture the room I spend SO much time in while in its natural state.

When we found out a kid was coming along, we decided to move my workroom from the spare bedroom into the office.  At the time, the office really didn't function as smoothly as it could have.  We made an epic trip to Ikea and got to work revamping things.  It's certainly evolved since then and has turned into a highly functioning room that uses every bit of its small space. 

Howsabout a quick tour?  So the 'office' wall is filled with the Ikea furniture that best fit our space.  The white on the cabinets and drawers drove me absolutely bonkers so I looked and looked for some way to change it.  Enter Pier 1 clearance where I found a package of removable wall art which I chopped up and made work to cover the white!  I LOVE the way it turned out and it only cost about $5.  The large shelving unit has seen much worse disorganization and much better organization!  I finally gave up trying to keep it pristine once Rio got more mobile and interested in it.  Basically, anything on the bottom shelves is fair game for her.  I never planned on fabric being stored on any of these particular shelves but needed a little overflow space after the warehouse haul.
The next snapshot is nothing too fancy except for what lies beneath.  That secretary has been around in my home or my parents' since I was at least seven years old.  In my possession, it's housed my many Barbies when I was younger, clothing, boxes and boxes of photos, and now, it houses fabric and is my mailing station.  It's a beast of a piece of furniture but that means it's always been reliable, sturdy, and functional!  Perhaps some day, I'll show you the crazy inside of it.  There's even a light in there.  

Behind that closet door lies more fabric (I know, I know!), my dress and skirt collection, and the kitties' restroom which is why the door always stays slightly open.  :)
And finally, the 'workspace' side of the room.  When I first moved into this space, I was focusing mainly on jewelry making but was beginning my transition into fabric obsession.  On the little shelf next to my worktable, I store all of my beads and threads which makes for easy access when I'm in the groove.  My machines typically stay on the little side typewriter table unless I'm working on a larger project when I'll move them to the worktable or even the kitchen table.

Sadly, I didn't get a straight on shot of my gallery wall this time around but it's one of my favorite spots in the room.  Many heirlooms and sentimental hangings reside there.  It's the one wall in the house that I can just hang things willy nilly!  ;)
I'll be the first to admit there is a LOT of stuff in this small space but I feel like we've done our best to maximize the space and keep it well organized and clean.  There are no doors so there is no way to block off this area to the kid.  Once upon a time we did use baby gates but that was short lived.  Rio is really pretty great in here.  There has been very little she's gotten into (although the day she found my pincushion I about had a heart attack!) and she definitely knows it's not a place that she's supposed to poke around in.  Most of the time I spend working in here though, is during naps and after she goes down so to her, it's not a room we hang out in tons with her.

So there you have it, my command central!  It's a space that I love and do feel very inspired in.  I only hope that I'm able to continue creating an environment that encourages creativity in myself wherever we may find ourselves in the future.

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