Thursday, July 3, 2014

Pillow Art Presents

My mom paints.  My dad dances.  My sister sings and plays music.  I lately focus on sewing.  Whenever two of our family members' interests are able to merge together to create something that fulfills more than one of us, well, it just feels damn good.

My mom's birthday was at the beginning of June and for some reason, I always have a hard time finding a gift for her.  This year though, I figured it out.  I decided to have one of her paintings printed as fabric.  It's safe to say we'll definitely be doing that again.  For a few years, I've hopped over to Spoonflower off and on to learn more about those services but just never bit the bullet and ordered anything until now.  The process was smooth, user-friendly, and, I thought, affordable for what you were getting.  I didn't realize that you can get even more printed than just fabric so who knows what we'll end up with in the future!  And no, this post sure wasn't sponsored by them; it was just a good experience!
I first had to narrow it down to what painting I wanted to use.  I really take a shine to her more abstract works so that's what I sought out.  I thought that kind of work would really translate well to a fabric design.  Once I had the digital image of the painting, I just starting playing around with it in their editor.  I really dug the mirrored image look of the painting so I went forward with that, hoping that she'd be cool with me playing around with her art.  She approved.  You can see the original work below.  
When I ordered, I accidentally ordered two different types of cotton which actually ended up being very educational for me!  In the below image, the pillow on the right side was made with their standard cotton which was very nice all around.  The pillow on the left was made with Kona cotton which was one step up from their standard.  I don't know if you can tell or not but the Kona colors are much more vibrant than the standard.  The Kona also feels to be a denser fabric so perhaps a bit more sturdier, as well.  I never, ever would have been able to tell any differences had I not accidentally ordered the same pattern on two different fabrics!  Perhaps not interesting to anyone but myself.  :)
Since there was so much color happening on the front, I backed these pillows with a velvety light brown color.  I looooove the way they feel and the way the fabrics worked together but that backing was a *b* to work with!  Slippin' and a slidin' all over the place.
About a week (or two) after her birthday (due to my procrastination of ordering), I gifted my mom her fabric gift.  Her request was that I 'do my thing' and make her some pillows out of them.  Done and done.  I do have some scraps left so I'm sure you'll see them again, probably hodge-podged into a quilt or two.  I'm truly excited to do some more work with her art in the near future!  Cheers to collaboration!

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