Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Making and Making

In the midst of it all, I've somehow found quiet moments here and there to spend time making.  And thank goodness (for all of us!) that I have because it grounds me, calms me, and makes me a much more tolerable person to be around.  :)
I've also gotten all of the boxes unpacked in this room and actually put a nail in the wall yet loads of wall art remains leaning against where I maybe, possibly, envision them.  This room was formerly a formal dining room but we're not much into formally dining so we opted to convert it into my lair.  It's perfection.  Once I'm truly settled in here, I'll give a grand tour, complete with those telling before and after photos.  For now, little snippets from our snow day during nap time.
I was truly worried when we first moved that I wouldn't feel like creating for quite some time.  I was just overloaded with house projects and it's all I could focus on.  When we knew we were selling our old house, my workspace was one of the first things I packed up.  I just didn't have the mental energy to make when I had SO many other things I had to accomplish.  I think I was the most surprised when I quickly jumped back into making so soon after moving.  But boy howdy, I'm sure glad I did.  Like I've said before, making keeps things balanced in my noggin.  :)
Not only am I gearing up for a super special Alliday (which is right around the corner!  And for reals, it's going to be something else!) but I'm also getting ready to be a part of Indie Emporium!  I'm actually pretty stoked about my booth this year and have been busy making capes (my first time fully making a pattern on my own!) which I looooove and the craziest, functional jewelry organizers you ever did see.  I'm pretty proud of both creations.  Of course I'll have all sorts of other little surprises there too, because that's how I roll.
Until later, my friends!

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