Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Littlest Carousel

Well, Halloween didn't go exactly as planned this year but I did get a costume made for a kid and we did do a little trick-or-treating so I'm calling it a success despite the many bumps in the road!

Many of you already know that Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  I'm alllllll about making costumes without spending any money and being as creative as possible by doing so!  You can see some of our past Halloweens here.  Life's been a little crazy, hectic, and unexpected lately so I didn't want to overwhelm myself so I kept Rio's ensemble simple this year.  When deciding what to make, I tried to think about what Rio likes to do.  Spin.  This kid loves to spin.  When I thought about what things spin, the first thing that popped in my head was a carousel so, of course, that's what I knew I had to pull off.
It was ridiculously simple and only moderately time consuming.  I took a large embroidery hoop, wrapped some vintage trim around it, tied several toy horses from Rio's toy stash, and finally made suspenders to hang it!  The suspenders definitely took the longest but that's mainly because I chose to hand sew them.  I used elastic to give the hoop some bounce and once I had that in place, I stitched on some other vintage trim to cover it up.  That was that!

To be honest, she wasn't quite sure what to think at first.  She was a little upset that she couldn't remove the horses but then once she figured out that moving her body made them spin, she was sold.  The kicker?  She wouldn't even spin once while wearing it though!  Ha!  She did, however, happily wear it all night while we went to the new neighbors' houses which made this mom pretty happy.
So here's why Halloween didn't quite pan out as planned.  Firstly, we had five trees removed so that day (More on that business later.  Ugh.), I took the mutt and the kid with me to work.  We'd had a bit of battery trouble with the car but my dad was able to get things back working again, or so we thought.  On our way home during rush hour on a Friday holiday in bumper to bumper traffic, the car completely quit working.  Like, not even the hazard lights would flash.  Dead.  I was absolutely panicked.  Brent was working late, which rarely happens, so my dad rushed my direction.  There was really nothing I could do with Rio and Mondo with me so we sat and waited.  At one point, a car stopped in front of me and two young men of the cowboy variety came to save my sanity while my dad sat in traffic trying to get to us.  Tears me up just thinking about it!  They quickly starting trying to figure out why the car just quit and kept cars from getting too close to us.  After my dad arrived, they helped him push the car across three lanes of traffic to a parking lot and then gave him a ride to meet us at the safe location we were waiting.  They wouldn't accept anything but a thank you.  I wish I could tell them now how much their help meant to us!

We made it home later than planned, but we made it home.  I quickly finished stitching the suspenders and Brent got home just in time to hand out candy while us ladies did our first official trick-or-treating.  Rio was down with that!  Taking her out was definitely the highlight of the day.  We were blown away by the amount of kids that came to our door in the new 'hood and actually ran out of candy!  Completely the opposite from our old hood!
My best friend and I were set to do a duo costume for a party Saturday night but one of the hosts came down sick so party was cancelled.  There were other parties we could have hit but ol' bff wasn't feeling the Halloween spirit so for the first time in many, many years, I didn't dress up for the holiday.  Insert major sad face.  Next year I'll be back full force!

As much as things didn't go as planned, it was still a great holiday and I'm thankful for everything that did go well!  At least we had our non-spinning carousel.  :)

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