Monday, January 12, 2015

A Caped Crusade

When we knew we were moving, I first packed up my work room.  I knew I'd be inundated with a million other house projects and I didn't want the distraction that a room full of fabric would most certainly bring.  I don't think I realized the longing that I would have to get back into making but it was there and it was strong.  That was July.  I didn't unpack my work room in the new house until close to October.  And then I just stared at things.  It took a while to find my sewing mojo.  It took me a while to even get the room arranged.  We were so wrapped up in everything else that my energy was zapped when it came to making.

At Rio's birthday party she wore an adorable little cape that I'd randomly come across months before she could even fit into it.  I suddenly found myself hyper-motivated to figure out how to make adult-sized capes so I could have my own.  I had sewing motivation finally!  I figured it out, fell in love with it and proceeded to mass produce them, as seen by these samples.  This was actually my first pattern to completely draft and edit on my own, which I'm pretty proud of!  Somehow, I let sharing them here fall through the cracks.  A few were sold at Indie Emporium and the rest I shipped on over to Out on a Limb in Oklahoma City.

The moral of this cape-y story?  Don't force creativity as it will find you.  At least, that's what works for me!  And capes are wardrobe gold.  Fact.

I've since moved on from my cape assembly line to more quilt-y creations but I have a sneaking suspicion that more capes are right around the corner.

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