Thursday, January 1, 2015

Later, 2014!

2014.  What a freaking year.  Things started out just swimmingly well.  I stepped back from so many commitments, and made specific goals to focus on myself, my family, and Bifftastica.  I said no more Alliday and was excited about all of the freed up mental space that and my changes would bring about.  Life was fairly uneventful for the first half of the year.  So much so that around June, I started thinking it was TOO much of a calm, peaceful year.  I distinctly remember wondering what the second half of the year would bring.  Well, it brought more than I ever imagined it would.  Emotional roller coaster is the cliche phrase that readily jumps in my head.
Not only did we buy a house unexpectedly from an estate sale but we also sold our first beloved house without any worry.  We packed up our world and immediately began working on everything imaginable in the new house.  During this time, Brent took a HUGE professional exam and passed (!!!) and I was back to teaching for the fall semester.  In addition to moving our home, my folks packed up their shop (remember, Brent and I both work there with Rio in tow) that they built from the ground up and, after 30+ years of being in the same location, moved just a few blocks over to a gorgeous new location.  Lots of work, lots of change all around. 

Sadly, 2014 was a year that we said goodbye to too many.  Three majorly inspirational people in my life passed away.  Tex, Ravi, and Herb taught me more than they will ever know and truly changed the way I look at so much in the world and myself.  My two remaining great aunts passed away within a short amount of time of each other.  My memories of them will forever be gifts.  Two of the losses that are still incredibly raw for me are Sammie and Opal.  I'm sure you've picked up how important our animals are in our world.  They are my therapy.  They are deeply missed.  Vera is working overtime healing me from those losses. 

There was SO much goodness within the year though.  It wasn't all doom and gloom!  Pardon the repetition but our house changes, while chaotic and busy, were absolutely amazing.  I learned that our family can go through all sorts of stuff and not break down in the madness.  In fact, I truly believe we're stronger from it all.  Rio turned 2 and watching her grow and become a little person has been mind-boggling and amazing.  She's pretty stellar, to say the least. 

In my teaching life, I was honored to be asked to write curriculum for a course I love leading.  I'll always be growing as a teacher and look forward to the journey.   And the food.  Best perk of the job.

Creatively, things were grand.  I made many quilts, including my biggest to date!  I escaped to a sewing retreat and had the time of my life.  I fell deeper in love with sewing and love that I'll always be learning in that craft.  It's humbling.  Then there was the big surprise - there WAS an Alliday!  I changed things up significantly and am thrilled with how things turned out.  It warrants its own post soon.  While I didn't hit every single one of my creative goals, I did achieve many and am very proud of what I did accomplish.  Pats self on back.

So, 2014, you were a wild ride.  I'm not too sad to see you go but I'm glad you taught us what you did.  Tell 2015 to be a little more gentle and we will be too. 

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