Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Life with Rio: 2.25 Years

You guys probably forgot that I even had a kid, didn't you?  ;)  Well, we do have one running around and she's a spitfire!  It seems like overnight, she turned into a walking, talking, person with a full blown personality and opinions for days.  It's been entertaining, to say the least. 

It's strange though.  I had a moment the other day where I was standing in her current bedroom thinking about how we left the baby Rio behind at the old house.  This house, this us in this house, has never known baby Rio.  She's a part of us deep down but here, she started out as a toddler and that's so bizarre and equally awesome!

So let's get down to the things she does that blow me out of the water.  She counts to 10, clear as day!  I did not teach her that.  I believe cartoons did.  Yes, she watches cartoons in spurts and they have been lifesavers through the past six months when our world was nonstop craziness.  I have no cartoon shame.  In fact, Peppa Pig is the shit.  Yeah, I said it. 

She is in charge of feeding the animals, and does so with pride.  She is way into potty training even if we're not as into it as she is!  Her vocabulary is vast and hilarious.  Thanks to Peppa and her British accent, some things Rio says have a British tinge to them and it's adorable.  "Daddy", "hold tight", and "of course" are my favorites.  Oh, and she knows her name.  It's Ri-Ro.

She's taken a sudden liking to pink which I'm coping with and learning to embrace despite my disdain for the color.  ;)  She doesn't seem to need our help as much getting dressed and undressed and her method for putting on socks absolutely blows me out of the water.  It's genius and bizarre. 

This gal has a thing for music, just like her dad and auntie.  Daily she'll find herself at the drums, piano, or with her guitar going to town while singing her heart out.  Couple that with a duet with her dad and I'm pudding.  There are several Christmas songs and Happy Birthday that she sings all. of. the. time.  And most of the time, she wants you to sing along.  And we do.

She's very methodical in her play.  Things are stacked and re-stacked a million times over.  Toys are assorted by size and color is always noted.  But in the midst of the very deliberate and orderly placing of toys, there is much creative, pretend play which is fairly new and quite awesome to witness.  This is tea time below.  Even the pets had some.  We drank more tea than I've ever had before.

About two months ago, we said good-bye to the binky.  It just sort of happened.  She still talks about it being broken and going in the trash.  Around that same time, we moved shops with my folks, she got her shots (and sick!), and dropped napping all together.  In the past month and a half, she's officially napped once.  That's mighty exhausting for us adults, folks.  Seriously.  If I seem more ragged lately, blame it on that absence. 

Her memory is astounding as well.  It's been over two months since Sammie has passed and almost one since Opal has passed and she talks about it often.  When we drive past the vet, which is near our house so we pass it often, she says "Opal doctor" or "Sammie doctor sleeping".  It's hard for me, honestly.  But it's also impressive to me that she's remembering, and verbalizing, all of these moments. 

She's really, all in all, such a joy and such a fun kid to have around.  Sure she has her moments, but don't we all?  We're just winging this parenting thing and some days, I really feel like we're acing it while other days, well, we just suck at it.  But I think, I hope (!!) that's a normal parental feeling.  We're learning every day, just like she is. 


  1. I think she is a cutie and you guys are great parents.

    I also love her Grandma's name for her, "Snicklefritz"! How cute is that?


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