Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Soul House

A while back a friend came to visit us at our new house.  I had given her the address but then just told her to turn on this street, drive a few blocks, and you'll see the house on your right.  You'll know it's the house.  And she did.

We've only been living in the new place barely five months but it feels like we've been here years.  It feels like home.  It felt like home from the get go.  I mean, I guess there's a reason or two why we dropped everything and bought it out of no where.  It was the house.  My soul house, if you will.
I find it entertaining that with every transition in life, you are constantly asked about it.  Like when you are pregnant, you quickly learn the questions you'll be asked a million times over within that ten month period.  I'm finding those same, but different, questions with the house.  Do you love it?  Are you all unpacked?  All moved in yet?  How's the house?  I never know how to answer them.  Maybe I'm making it harder on myself than I should be.  It's just that I have a world of emotions and thoughts that are wrapped up inside of me regarding the house and the move. 
I wrote a post about the house that I never published about three months ago that I went back and read today for the first time.  My voice and words were overwhelmed.  We'd just completed the removal of five trees (which I totally cried for) and were preparing to have the chimney purged of the layers and layers of newspapers from 1982 that had filled it for the past 33 years.  The original owner that we bought the house from passed away suddenly during that time and while we'd only met him twice, we were connected through the house.  I wish I'd had the opportunity to know him better because he was filled with stories, lived a life worthy of a movie, and was creatively inventive, which I fully appreciate.  He was obviously much loved by his family and neighbors.  I had guilt for making changes, for taking his beloved home, and for being someone new on a block that never changes.  I've since moved past those feelings but for a while, they were intense and plentiful. 

After his death, his son gifted us with these photos of the house being built.  I'm not sure he'll ever know how much we cherish them.
In response to some questions I receive about the house, I say that we have a decade's worth of work to do.  They chuckle, I smile but then I let them know that I'm not joking, we have that much work to do.  I'm not even sure I could begin to list what all we've done so far - new flooring everywhere, the (saddening) removal of trees which will lead to other projects we must do, painting in 30% of the house (still so, so much to do), replacing various appliances, plumbing lovin', chimney TLC, and last week we obtained a massive dumpster to clean out the sheds and the attic.  There's a reason or two why we got the house at such a steal.  We've got structural issues to address, drainage matters to figure out, more painting than I even want to think about, total electrical overhauling, and so. much. more.  We don't even have a hallway floor right now.  But all of that is ok.

Functionally, this house works incredibly well for us.  Going from the smallest bathroom in the world (seriously) to a three bathroom house makes us feel like royalty.  We can flush the toilet at night without worrying about waking the kid!  Having a work room with sunlight and room to fling large pieces of fabric about is heavenly.  Having a wall of west-facing windows so I can watch the sunset every day is soul-enriching.  Having all of my clothes stored in one room for the first time in 8 years is materialistic, yes, but awesome.  Having multiple neighbors that immediately made us feel like family is a gift.  We love our new house and the things that are making it a home.
This is a house we plan on being for many, many moons so we've got time.  We want to do things right and we can't do them all at once so we do them as we can and we enjoy every moment in the house regardless of what still needs to be done.  It'll get done eventually.  Part of the fun of a fixer-upper is the progress.  Progress we'll make.  Progress we are making.  Progress we've made.

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  1. The windows make a huge difference! Excited to follow the progress.


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