Thursday, January 8, 2015

Zodiac Placemats

I wasn't really on top of my gift-giving this Christmas but I did finish a few handmade gifts that made me feel some sort of satisfaction.  Example A:  These zodiac placemats for my sister and her mister. 

A little while back, Afton expressed interest in having me make them a bed quilt.  Well, large-sized quilts are quite the undertaking and at the time, a large project like that just wasn't in the stars for me so I went small. 
My sis is quite into astrology while I just float about.  I know loads about my sign, Libra (which is also Rio's!), but that's pretty much it.  I picked up this stellar zodiac fabric at an estate sale some time ago and fell in love with it immediately.  I think it calls for a special project for just the right person though so onto the shelves it went until this project popped into my head.
Af and her man recently moved into a little bungalow and had a house-warming party.  Since that's a few plane rides away from us, we had to miss the festivities but I still wanted to help welcome them to their new abode somehow.  This little project fulfilled the need for a housewarming and a Christmas gift.  

Cutting out their respective signs, Cancer and Taurus, I created two complimentary placemats that are meant to be used and (slightly) abused.  I made bias tape from the only fabric I inherited from my great granny, Cleo, and use it very sparingly.  This seemed like the perfect project to use it on.
I backed them both with the same fabric, one I found in the epic warehouse pick.  I also must mention (or mustn't I?) that the orange/blue combo was subtly suggested to me a while back by them so when the crab and the bull showcased those colors, I went with it, obviously.  I did a little free motion stippling, which I really haven't done in quite some time.  I missed it. 

Not the most involved project, nor fancy but to me, and hopefully my sister and her mister, a special one that will be around for a while.  It's also a project that reminded me how much I miss building quilts, something that I've been rediscovering full force in my downtime.  I'm having fun, and it's much needed.

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