Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Little Bit of Everything

It seems when I get back into the classroom, I get a bit more quiet around these parts.  I feel like blabbing on and on today (hello procrastination!), so that's what you're getting...prepare yourselves!
I started back to teaching a few weeks ago so much of my time is being spent in the classroom or grading here and there.  It seems to be a nice semester with a large Reading class and a small Speaking class which is ideal for each!  I have a surprisingly large group of students from Burma/Myanmar and almost as many Syrians.  Eight years into this ESL teaching gig and I love it more and more each year.  The things my students teach me about their cultures and life in general is something I can't imagine learning any other way.  School is cool, man.  So is getting to know the rest of the world and its people. 

Aside from teaching and various sewing sessions, I've been knee deep in working with StreetCats.  I started volunteering with them when in moved back to Tulsa in 2002 and have been with them ever since.  Three years ago, I was asked to join the board and have been working hard on behind-the-scenes work for them ever since.  We just completed our 15th annual fundraiser, My Furry Valentine, which I did a figurative song and dance for on the news a few weeks ago.  I'll totally embarrass myself for anything craft or cat related.  It's how I roll.
This past weekend was a dandy.  Friday night my mom hung out with the kid so I could hear Brent's new band play for the first time at Mercury Lounge!  He was asked just a month or so ago to be their new drummer and it couldn't be working out better.  He loves playing live and I love that he has that back in his life again.  It was a great night out and I was beaming with pride.  It was also crazy cool to look around and see so many of our friends there to support him.  Made me feel all grateful and shit.  ;) 

Saturday was Valentine's Day and Brent gave me the best present ever - 3 hours at home all by myself!  Since we moved, I have been at home alone TWICE so this was a priceless gift.  He and Rio had their own adventures and returned with a few odds and ends including the book Holy Cow by David Duchovny.  Yup, that guy from the X-Files wrote a book.  I flew through it and enjoyed every moment.  Some of my reading time was even spent in the hammock in a tank and barefoot before our weather went all crazy, like it does.

As much as I love my time at school, I will never stop loving snow days.  Sunday night while my Oklahomies slept, Mother Nature dropped some white stuff upon us.  It was pretty adorable seeing Rio's reaction to the snow this time around now that she's older.  School was thankfully cancelled but Brent braved the roads to go to work, leaving Rio and I home for the next two days to cause trouble aside the new, crazy kitten. 
All in all, I ended up spending four days at home without leaving the house!  I loved every bit of it.  The highlight of the weekend was baking with the kid for the first time.  Sure, she's watched lots of meals being made and has sprinkled some cheese here and there but this was the first time that I felt she was really and truly ready to get her hands dirty with me.  I don't think it's a moment I'll ever forget.  She loved every moment of it (as did I) and wore her little apron with pride.  I grew up cooking right alongside my Granny (and mom, of course) and felt her presence again and again that day.  I know her and Rio would have loved each other deeply.  
I've been spending my 'free time' keeping ZeeBee from climbing the walls, getting in some fabric play, reflecting on how the great Tex impacted my life and so many others (it's somehow been one year today), reorganizing things that were neglected during the move, finding new music, and just breathing deeply.  I feel good.  And I'm thankful for that.
Now back to my regularly scheduled program of grading, toddler herding, and binge tea drinking.  Cheers to you all.

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