Friday, February 6, 2015

Meet ZeeBee

For almost two months now, we've only had one cat.  For the past 13 years, Vera has always had another cat around and honestly, I think she prefers it that way.  When I adopted Pimmy, I brought her in for Vera primarily.  That cat needed a feline companion.  Now, she's never been one to seek out the other cats but the others have always found friendship through her and she welcomed it.  It's when she's not had another cat around that I notice her to be more frantic, much more vocal, and just not content. With our recent kitty losses, she needed another kitty friend.  I also deeply needed another cat around.

We've somewhat been looking for that right cat but hadn't come across one that would work for our household.  I met a litter of gorgeous feral kitties in a friend's backyard, stopped by StreetCats a few times to meet some cats that caught my eye, and watched online for youngins up for adoption but none of them were right.  Then, last Friday as I was scrolling through Facebook, a little orange kitten made me stop in my tracks.  I tagged Brent and he promptly called telling me to go get him.  I wasn't fully convinced because I truly believe you need to meet an animal first to make sure it's right, but I was sure motivated by his excitement!  Rio and I packed up from work early, bid my dad adieu, and were on our way to Feline Specialties after a quick phone call to inquire about this guy.
His story was short and simple.  A man in town for the holidays found two kittens while hiking at Turkey Mountain.  FS was the only vet able to take the two in which is perfect because they are tops in cat care.  They nursed the brother and sister duo to health and got them ready for adoption.  It's obvious these kittens were handled often and were well taken care of in the vet's care.  They averaged them to be about 8 weeks old the day they put them up for adoption. 

So back to our adventure.  I was SO nervous on the drive over.  Was I ready for another kitten after what happened with Opal?  Would they approve us after hearing of our losses?  Would it not be the right cat again?  My nerves were for nothing.  Rio and I arrived at the vet to find out the sister had been adopted before they could even get her online.  We made our way to the brother's cage and saw him curled up sleeping like a little angel.  It was heart-melting, of course, but I still needed to interact with him before I made the decision.  They let us spend time with him alone in an exam room and it was immediately evident that this guy would be coming home with us.  The way him and Rio connected was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.  At that point, there was no choice to make.

This guy is the bravest thing I've ever seen.  One-hundred pound dog?  Ain't no thang.  Toddler who wants to lug him around?  He purrs throughout the journey.  He's equally bonded with both Brent and me and he's made himself right at home.  He plays SO hilariously hard which is promptly followed by crashing wherever he is.  It's been a week today and I've not once doubted the decision to bring him home.  He's adventurous, he's curious, he's loving, and he's just what our household needed.  He's ZeeBee.

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  1. Ahh, so sweet! I am so glad you guys found a keeper! Rio's room looks great - wish we could tour your new abode. Maybe someday!


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