Thursday, February 5, 2015

Rio's *New* Room Tour

In a house with never-ending projects, it feels pretty damn good to say that we've completed a room.  When we moved into this new house, it was right before Rio's second birthday.  We did have a little party for her with a some friends and family but didn't even get her a present, if memory serves me correctly.  It was a pretty chaotic time!  We did, however, vow to at least get her room put together by her birthday.  Well, we DID get it painted, large furniture stabilized, and some curtains (kind of) made but never got around to those little finishing touches until this past weekend.
We had planned to go out of town for the weekend and to leave the kid with my folks but we ended up deciding to stay in town.  My folks were still up for a sleepover so we took full advantage!  The weather was crummy, Brent and I both weren't feeling tops so we opted for a night in which ended up being a super productive evening in Rio's room!  It's SO much easier to work in, deep clean, and purge a toddler's room without that toddler in the room.  :)
We cleaned out toys that she had grown out of and reorganized what was left, which had been driving me crazy!  It was loosely put together, but it just needed refreshing. We pulled down the curtains so I could finally hem them (for those interested, I have tons of this fabric available in my shop) which made a world of difference, at least for us!  We also finally got odds and ends up on the walls and moved a few pieces of furniture around.  Sounds pretty lame for a Saturday night, I know, but we sure welcomed it and were glad to get so much done in there!
All of our bedrooms have high ceilings on one side which I love, but I hate to paint!  Ha!  It's also a challenge to figure out what to hang on those larger walls but we're figuring it out slowly but surely. Rio's room color is the same that we used at the old house in her room (the nursery and beyond).  It's a light blue-ish grey that we knew would work with everything we already had.  We've had to do SO much painting already here that I really had no interest in choosing another new color when I still liked her old color.  Just bought a bit more and we were good!
We decided to remove her closet doors for a few reasons.  First, crushed fingers.  I know now though that she would have been fine with them as she operates the other closet doors just fine.  I liked the idea of her closet being a continuation of her room and, in a way, a sort of play house within her room.  I also like that having the closet open would motivate us to keep it more clean and organized than we would if we had the option to hide things behind doors!  And how exciting is it that she finally has an actual closet and that my clothes aren't stored in her room?!  I painted her closet a pinkish-purple color that I matched to a small reoccurring color in her curtains.  We also painted the little corner shelf and her vent cover the same pink color.  Her wall color, dresser color, and closet color were all used in her kitchen, as well.
One of the first things we did when we moved into the new place was replace flooring throughout.  We knew that we'd never change out the flooring once we moved in and the carpet that came with the house had seen much better days.  Since we had a month before we had to get out of the old house, we decided to make it happen.  The bedrooms and my workroom received new carpet and two other floorings went in other areas.  Choosing what to go with wasn't the easiest decision but ultimately we went with a grey since we're a house full of animals, a toddler, and a mister who works in construction - a light colored carpet was not in our stars! 
In regards to the original curtains, those have already been deconstructed, cleaned, and made into new things!  In fact, we inherited many amazing fabrics from the curtains in the house.  Most we're changing out but the fabric sure won't go to waste! This house has windows upon windows so it's been fun (and a bit overwhelming!) figuring out how to give them facelifts on a budget.  The windows were all heavily covered and hidden so we're trying to give them new life and let them breathe again!
I could talk for days about this room and tell stories about all of the furniture and such found throughout but I'm sure I've already bored you to tears.  :)  To finish up, I love this room and I hope Rio does too.  It's such a happy, bright space that I think it's hard NOT to enjoy it.  It will evolve, no doubt, just as the rest of our home will.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour as much as I've enjoyed giving it!  More rooms coming soon-ish!


  1. Her room is the coolest, and I LOVED how proud she was of it when I came over. You've created such a sweet, happy little spot for her. :-)

  2. This is SUCH a cute room, Briana! I especially love the little chair with the blue roses, that is so sweet and unique! Love how you made her closet a continuation of her room as well.

  3. The room looks so adorable! The curtains look awesome; they’re very unique, and it covers up the windows perfectly. I like how some of the furniture have matching floral designs, and how you managed to keep the room really fun and bright for Rio. Thanks for sharing this with us, Briana. All the best!

    Willard Evans @ WowHomes


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