Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Caught on Film

When I was in college I was gifted a mighty nice film camera, riiiiight before digital cameras became all the rage.  I used to shoot film like nobody's business.  Not that I was grand at it but I loved it.  I loved the surprise of what would be on the roll, I loved documenting moments that would otherwise be forgotten or fuzzy, I loved the whole process. 

I'll never forget being a young child and joining my Great Granny at Petrik Drugs on Main Street in Broken Arrow, having sherbert ice cream while listening to 'In the Jungle' over and over on the jukebox, and watching Tony Petrik develop the rolls of films neighbors would drop by.  It was fascinating and such a fond memory of mine.

Prior to receiving my film current film camera, I learned to use my mom's classic camera and used it exclusively for a photography class in college where I learned to develop my own film.  That dark room was a magical place.  And a stinky place.  The class was forever informative and inspiring though I wish I could revisit it to refresh my memory.  I'm curious what the instructor now thinks of nonstop digital.  

Last year, I decided to play with film again.  I bought a few rolls, stuck a black and white roll in my camera, and would pull it out here and there for random shots.  It rarely left the house.  Fast forward a year and I FINALLY got that roll of film developed.  It was pre-move, pre-animal losses, covered multiple seasons, and filled with memories.  Here ya go.

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  1. Cute! I'm so happy Cadbury made an appearance!!! He definitely misses his Mondo neighbor friend and the squirrels.


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