Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Somehow, my mister turned 40 today!  I met him when he was a strapping 31 year old and I was a wild 26 year old gal.  I remember thinking how crazy it was that I was seeing a guy in his thirties!  Ha!  Now look at us!

I'm allllllll about celebrating birthdays so of course I decided that this young man needed a birthday party - a SURPRISE birthday party!  It was a super simple shindig and SUCH a good time.  After talking to our out-of-town friends, I decided to set it up for the weekend before his birthday and crossed my fingers that I could keep a secret!  I reserved several lanes for bowling, picked up a small cake, and invited the masses.  One of our friends hit him up a few days earlier to 'fill in as a sub for a charity bowl team' so we could get him to the bowling alley without raising any eyebrows.  My folks graciously agreed to take Rio home after bowling so we could have an after party at our house! 

We had a fantastic turnout at the bowling alley and, what matters most, Brent was totally surprised!  We had SO much fun!  It was Rio's first time bowling so that was extra special as well.  I couldn't stop smiling.  :)
The biggest challenge?  Keeping Brent from starting a HUGE project in our living room that week without telling him we were having a party in a few days!  Getting the house clean was no issue because I obsessively clean anyways so that raised no red flags with him.  :) 

The after party brought about round two of folks and was a blast as well.  I made up a cheesy slideshow of photos to embarrass the birthday boy, we feasted on some pizza, and just had too good of a time.  I couldn't have been happier with how everything played out! 

There aren't many photos from the festivities which is probably a good thing.  ;)  This year is actually kind of crazy for birthdays - Brent turned 40, my sister turns 30 in June, and my dad turns 60 in August!  2015 is the year for milestone birthdays!  But if you look at birthdays like I do, every birthday is a milestone. 

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