Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Sweet Spring Quilt

About a month or so ago, I started playing with the fabric used in the four large squares on the yellow side of the quilt.  It was fabric that I won at Sew OK (among a crap ton of other fabrics) which I'm finally pulling out to mess around with.  Nothing was really jiving as I was pulling fabrics until I glanced down to the small stack of work-in-progress pieces that I inherited from Tex.  It also happened to be the anniversary of her leaving us, without me even realizing it.  I'd barely looked at that stack of work for so many reasons but that day, it made itself seen.  It felt right to start using it.  Any part of this quilt with solid gold and solid yellow together was pieced by Tex. 

The rest of this quilt was comprised of vintage sheets so you know it's crazy, crazy soft.  I had the perfect amount of handmade bias tape leftover from this quilt and it coordinated so well with this one that I had to use it. 

Right now, I feel like my quilts are very representative of emotions I'm processing.  My last one was a bit darker themed as I was coming out of darker times while this one screams spring and growth.  I'm feeling much more refreshed, as this quilt represents.  Or at least that's what I've noticed after finishing the last two.  :) 

When making this one, I had no plans for it but after our last TMQG meeting, I've decided to donate it to Cancer Treatment Centers for those needing warmth as they receive treatment.  It feels like that's where it is supposed to be.  So without further adieu, I give you the Sweet Spring Quilt.

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