Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Craft Closet Before

There are so many things about the new abode that I love but one of the things that tops my list may surprise you.  Two closets. 

If you've been reading here for longer than a minute, you already know that I looooooove organizing and being organizing.  It's a bit of an obsession, really.  To the point where I have organized many friends' and families' homes.  Not being organized is hard for me to handle on a very deep level.


In between our kitchen and my workroom, there is a small transitional hallway with a closet on each side.  They are both pretty good sized and have automatic lights when you open them.  It didn't take long to decide how they would each be used once we moved in - one as a pantry and the other as my craft closet.  The pantry side is pretty well organized but is always a work in progress.  The craft closet on the other hand is...
... a bit chaotic for my obsessively organized personality.   A clusterf*ck, if you will.  It makes my eye twitch.

Don't judge.  Don't judge.

I share this to show my very candid before of the closet.  I have grand plans on its organization, I just majorly lack the time to do so.  But I MUST get it done, for my sanity and for its functionality. 
Ugh.  Where to start?!

Below is the true, true before.  EVERYTHING in the pantries (and this area of the house) was very, very, very yellow.  One of my first projects before we even moved in was to paint the insides of these closets.  No small task, but a necessary one.  I even painted the insides of every single kitchen cabinet from yellow to cream.  Yeah, a lot of yellow.
So there you have it - my dirty, disorganized secret!  Fingers crossed I'll be sharing the after sooner than later!

I'm curious if organizational tricks and tips would be something you'd be interested in me sharing?  I'm full of them!  :)

And a little bonus footage: 
This guy loves the craft closet chaos and all of its hidey holes.

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