Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bag Bounty & A Sale!

Bags.  I can't seem to stop making them. 
This dandy I made for myself on Mother's Day.  I've been in desperate need of a purse change for quite some time - I'm not the kind to change my bag day to day - when it dawned on me to just make my own.  Duh.  The problem was what style I wanted and how to execute it.  After planning the construction in my head for entirely too long and pulling some of my favorite fabrics, I started and finished this last Sunday thanks to some quality time with my machine.  And I freaking love it. 

I'm suddenly not petrified of zippers and feel like I'm getting better with each one I install.  In fact, they are kind of fun!?  I can't believe I just said that.

In addition to an exterior zippered pocket, I put in a split open pocket on the interior.  The bag functions wonderfully, is the perfect size for all of my odds and ends, and (to me) is fashionable to boot!

The rest of the bags I've been busting out have been gifts or commissions, and there is still one more yet to be made!  This next batch resulted as a need for a 4 year old birthday present and a lack of desire to buy something.  I came across this tutorial and churned out the first bag like lightning.

It was so fast and easy that I quickly decided that Rio and her little friends all needed one too so four more magically appeared.  They were each made with specific little ladies in mind and all share the same lining.  Fun, yes?

My last one for the weekend actually came before my purse shown above.  It was a commission that I ended up loooooving the functionality of and decided that I definitely needed to base my new purse off of it. 
The features are all of the same except this one has a cross body strap and different material for the strap.  It will be picked up tomorrow and then will go on a trip around the world! 
If you're wondering if I'd make a bag for you, the answer is yes.  Just start the conversation and we'll make it happen!

And for those who like sales, I'm having a 25% off sale in my shop right meow!  All sorts of things I've made, fabrics, and trims!  Use the code quartersale at checkout...expires this Friday!

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