Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nine Months In

When we bought our house out of the blue last September, we knew the house required quite a bit of work.  It may sound strange to some, but we prefer a house that needs some TLC.  Owning a fixer-upper means that we are able to make the house our own, bring our style to its bitchin' bones, and learn about home improvements in the process. 

In a nutshell, everything needs something in this house.  That's not a problem but there are times it can be a little bit overwhelming!  With the recent torrential rains in Oklahoma, we learned that irrigation and landscaping is a top priority.  We knew we'd be working on the drainage at some point but had no clue it would be this soon.  Thanks, monsoon season.  ;)  Step one was removing several trees that had created dams and that were growing waaaaay too close to the house.  That was accomplished last fall.  Step two has been to remove the thousands of rocks laid back in the early seventies by the original homeowner.  Our neighbors have been great at re-homing many of them but we've still got a ways to go.  Anyone in the rock market?  Step three will be to have the stumps dug out, followed by bringing in dirt to level everything out again.  Finally, after working with the natural slope of the land and good ol' gravity, we'll have everything sodded and phase one of flood mitigation will be complete.  Sounds simple, right?!  

Our other 'big' current project is having some drain line leaks fixed.  We determined where the leaks were last week and much to my surprise, it's not the end of the world!  I was absolutely dreading what we would learn (like I-can't-sleep-or-eat type dread) but was thrilled to discover they are in two locations that are a) easy to access, b) in a room that we wanted to remodel anyway, and/or c) not dire.  Shew! 

In more fun house news (as opposed to a funhouse news), we are making our windows function!  All of the windows are original to the house so they are these great aluminum crank windows with crazy character.  The problem?  No screens in any of the windows.  Luckily, we located the majority of the screens and have started to clean them up and reinstall them.  It's been SO nice to be able to have open windows!  There are a few windows in the addition (circa mid-seventies) that will need to be replaced to function properly but we'll get to that eventually.  We made windows at our old house a low priority so we only got to enjoy them for a short amount of time before we moved, hence why were are making them a higher priority this time around.

The kitchen is getting some lovin' as well.  It's very, very, very seventies which sounds cool and is up to a point buuuuuut, needs some tweaking here and there.  Honestly, I really didn't care for the kitchen at all when we moved in.  That was probably due to the fact that I was enamored with our old kitchen and nothing would ever compare but I'm learning to love the new one!  It's definitely got potential and I'm finally seeing it.  :) 
We recently completed a full electrical overhaul (hooray family biz!) and Brent's now in the process of building an entertainment center out of an old game closet in the family room.  I've learned the art of caulking so we can now fully use our hall bath and we've made the guest room functional enough to house my sister next week during her stay.  One of these days we'll pull paint cans back out and continue the endless of job of covering up the butter-colored walls. 
If you need us, we'll likely be at your neighborhood home improvement store.  ¡Hasta luego!

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