Wednesday, June 3, 2015


After a near month of nonstop rain and flooding, things have finally dried out and the sun is no longer a stranger.  Perhaps it's been the soggy weather, but I had been a bit glum lately.  I'm feeling better lately though and am trucking on along!  Perhaps it's that forgotten sunshine.
I started back teaching this week and am leading a new-to-me class, American Cultural Readings.  It's basically an American history course for ESL students that focuses on reading skills.  One week in and I'm really finding that I'm loving it!  It's been several years since I've taught a summer course and I had forgotten what a different vibe they have.  Almost half of my class is made up of Mexican high school exchange students which I love.  It reminds me of the summer I spent studying in Mexico many, many moons ago.  The classroom refreshes me.

With my time off from school, I've been working on building a new website for my folks' company that we'll be launching soon.  The images in this post were taken for that purpose.  I'm surprised how much I've been enjoying the process and how much I've been learning!  I'm thinking another new site is near on the horizon as well.  More on that later.  :)
In house updates, we've encountered several large projects that need to be tackled at once.  Yay.  Tomorrow we'll get some big answers as to how many kidneys we'll need to sell to pay for said projects.  ;)  Feel free to buy some stuff to help us out!  They are all things we knew we'd have to deal with, we just didn't know they'd all be at once and would be so soon!  We are still in absolute love with the house, don't you fret.  I'll share full updates as to what we're dealing with once we have more of a plan.  In response to house stress, I've been deep cleaning and organizing a bit more fanatically than normal.  I'm cool with that though.  We're still knocking out little projects as we can which make us fall in love with the house more and more.  Hello, functioning windows!

And yes, I've been sewing here and there.  But more so, I've been doing a MAJOR clean-out of fabric and old projects that need to be finished or passed along.  I connected with an artist friend of mine preparing for a large-scale project that requires more fabric than one can imagine so what did I do?  I gave her every little bit of fabric that I didn't need or want.  Damn that felt good.  Purging is just as cathartic as organizing, ya know?  I've busted out a dress for the kid, curtains for the guest room, some top secret gifts, and tons of mending for myself.
I think about writing here all of the time.  I know I've been less present here lately.  There are so many things I think of discussing here, so many things I want to share.  I want to share my thoughts on having an online persona and being a teacher; on having my child with me 24/7 while I work; on spreading myself too thin; on the fine line of being humble and bragging; on learning to be proud of myself; on living with anxieties, depression, and obsessive tendencies; and so much more.  It's in all in my noggin, it's just figuring out how to get it all out.  And I think it would be very beneficial for me to share.  And perhaps it'd be good for you too, somehow?

Anywhoodle.  I'll be back.  Soonish.  Perhaps.  :)

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