Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sew Much Sewing

Prepare yourselves for a month's worth of sewing recaps.  You've been warned.

Let's start with this month's quilt.  It started as paper piecing practice squares and just sort of grew.  I learned to make these blocks at Crafty Weekender several months ago and then shelved the project until recently.  I have a TON of baby blankets needing to be made and when I started listing them out, I knew these half-finished blocks would be perfect for one of them. 
While it's not perfect, I'm sure happy with it!  I hope its recipient will be too.  They're a non-social media type bunch so I'm free to talk about it!  :)
The backing is an old sheet.  Not vintage surprisingly, but bold and colorful like my friend!  In fact, nothing in this quilt is vintage.  Shocking, I know!
The quilting took a bit of time but I think it was time well spent.  I'm working more on improving quilting details (like burying threads instead of back-stitching) which I'm sure makes no difference to anyone but myself.  :) 
Next up is a pincushion!  At the beginning of the year, I joined the Tulsa Modern Quilt Guild.  They have monthly challenges which I participate in intermittently.  This month was a pincushion swap that I wanted to try and do so I did but not without its challenges.  This was my THIRD try at a passable pin cushion and was finished just last night.  It's due tonight.  Procrastination for the win!  I used this pattern but with my own tweaks, of course.  It feels very 'me' and is something that I'd be happy ending up with so I think it will work!  In related news, I pulled out the ol' jewelry stash to finish it up and am feeling inspired to play around with beads again! 
A fellow guild member loaned me the Geranium Dress pattern a few months ago.  I relate this dress to the great floods since I was working on it while mitigating flood waters!  I wish I had made more of these because they wear SO nicely.  I was honestly surprised I liked it so much!  It was really straight forward and came together quickly once I was able to focus fully on it.  Plus it has pockets so that's worth 50 points!
We're nearing the end!  Earlier in June, we celebrated my mom's and my sister's birthdays.  I celebrated by making them each a bag.  I'm in LOVE with making these!  I want to make a million more.  This one would be my mom's and she uses it daily.  Makes me all sorts of happy!  (I have loads of this exterior fabric in my shop if it happens to tickle your fancy!)
I also made my mom a tiny pillow out of a shirt that she gifted to me several years ago.  The shirt was almost ten years old and wasn't getting any wear by me so I decided that it would have more life as a pillow for her!  It was ridiculously simple to make and is the perfect size for the kid to use when she visits her Granny. 
And finally, my sister's bag.  Same as my bag and my mom's, just with different fabrics!  Let's talk about those fabrics for a moment.  Vintage exterior, Dr. Who pockets, and lined with sheets from our childhood.  Top that off with a little bag pizazz from Cat Buttons and you're on your way.
Next up?  Getting projects prepped for Sew OK!  It's NEXT weekend!

¡Hasta Luego!

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