Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sew OK 2.0

This past weekend I journeyed across the state to attend my second Sew OK.  I loaded up entirely too many projects and hit the road after waiting for the torrential rains to pass in a Goodwill which was a treat upon itself.  The event was again held at the regal, and oh-so-haunted, Skirvin.  I packed in the majority of my meals to save a dime or two and left all of my work business at home.  I was set.
I roomed with the always lovely Mary and kept fine company with the gals of Owl & Drum.  Gold, those ladies are!  Just like last year, I was unexpectedly floored by the wonderful folks that I met and those that I got to know better.  Every time I participate in something like this, I'm learning more and more what a fabulous and endearing community the sewing world is made up of.  (And that they aren't afraid to let loose and have a few drinks!)
Lizzy House was our teacher for the weekend, guiding us through her Meadow Quilt.  I knew nothing of her before the event but quickly learned that she's a master for designing stellar fabrics and quite the seamstress.  I made just one Meadow block before moving onto other projects.  I couldn't find the motivation to continue on the Meadow at the retreat but I would like to revisit it one of these days.

Last year I worked almost exclusively on the largest quilt I've ever made but this year, I didn't bring any in-progress projects with me!  Hence why I brought 500 possible projects along.  I had no game plan!  So what did I end up making?  I'm glad you asked!  Two Itty Bitty Baby Dresses (one was gifted to another attendee at the event) two Wiksten dresses for myself (no photos of those yet!), half of a Whiskers block (worked more on that last night finally), four pillow cases for my mom made with fabric featuring her paintings, and of course my one completed Meadow block.
I was a little blindsided that weekend by some work stuff that I HAD to take care of before Monday so I actually opted to head home Saturday evening.  Wasn't the original plan but it was what I had to do.  I know, much vagueness.  :) 

I still had one more thing to tend to before I left town though - a vintage fabric run!  Remember the great fabric haul of 2014?  That HUGE fabric warehouse that I got to pick through?  Well, the orchestrator of that grand moment in history had decided to clean out her picks and passed them all along to me.  I know, right?!  Our washer and dryer have been quite busy since I returned while I clean and prepare the fabric to be used and sold.  Exciting stuff!  To me, at least.
So thanks, Sew OK for being awesome yet again and for giving me an excuse to take a solo road trip!  Now back to unpacking...

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