Friday, July 31, 2015

ZB Unleashed

Six months with this guy.  Where do I start?  This cat is the CRAZIEST feline I've ever encountered.  Absolutely no surface is out of his reach and he'll play with (and eat) anything and everything.  His leaps are epic, his antics are jaw-dropping, and his energy barely rivals that of our toddler inhabitant.  Luckily, his nutso escapades are balanced out by his lovey-dovey nature and his companionship to Rio - they are quiet the pair.  Hard to believe this is the same guy.
What I didn't expect was how healing his presence would be for me.  Just a few months before ZB came into our world, we had lost our senior Sammie and our kitten Opal.  After Opal passed, I beat myself up about what we could have done differently but now I fully realize that she was never a healthy kitten and that we likely extended her life considerably.  I'm not sure I would have found peace with that without ZB.
He's tops.

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