Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Mother Earth Quilt

One more quilt in the books!  A nature-inspired one, at that! 

As many of you know, I  acquired a large amount of vintage fabric over the past year, mainly thanks to one person.  That gal has refused to accept anything in trade for the fabric so I decided that I would pay her in a baby blanket for their son who will be making his appearance mighty soon!  I had finally found a payment that she would accept!  :)
So, these fine folks are in tune with nature.  Some of the things mentioned were bright colors, nature theme, trees, mountains, oceans, vintage, and forest friends.  When I started designing, I knew that I wanted to include a triangle of some sort so that's where I started.  I had come across these a-mazing vintage sheets sometime last year and immediately fell in love with them!  In fact, we almost made curtains out of them for my workroom!  This quilt was the perfect time to use those sheets.  I love the way it turned out.
Since the main fabric has so much going on, I wanted to keep the design simple.  I had originally planned on having three triangles (one to represent each family member and to resemble a mountain range) but once one was made, I knew that was all that I needed.  I offset the focal point and added the stripe and called it done! 

I also kept the quilting simple and in a triangle shape.  I spaced the quilting lines a little further apart than I have been recently and used a different batting that I received at Sew-OK so it has a nice, soft feel to the whole thing; perfect for a bebe!
The backing?  Just a full cloth vintage sheet.  I do enjoy making pieced backings but I didn't feel like this one needed any more jazzing up.  That backing sheet is another one that I'm enamored with.  Surprise, surprise! 
I'm happy to report that they love it!  And I do, too!  One more to tackle and then I'm caught up on quilts!

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